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Not the Kind of Skirt you use for the Christmas Tree

Hey everyone! Christmas is here and it’s time to celebrate. We know that involves figuring out what to wear, so let’s get right to it. Holiday skirts are easy to wear with their comfort and versatility. The sequin skirt never goes out of style and you have to love flannels this time of year, so why not put them together? No, seriously they are adorable together with a white sweater and red heels to break up the dressy and casual touch of this outfit. If you’re feeling the sequen is too bold, black sequen skirts will hold that back for you.

If sequen is too bold for your flannel shirt, try a summer skirt instead with heels to keep it dressy. If the weather’s too cold for heels, knee high boots or ankle boots with stockings are fabulous choices. Ankle boots are absolutely perfect with A-line skirts, which are great for any body type and can add a nice touch to any top, whether it be sequin, button up, or an even a Christmas sweater.

A midi skirt is perfect in gold for the season and pairs magnificantly with a black top and big necklace. And I can’t even begin to tell you how great black heels go with them. But now you know! Sequin skirts that I first mentioned, (which I’m so excited about) can really be worn in any color or style. They’re also amazing when paired with a black top. But try this with a black jacket to go along. Ankle boots, a long necklace, and a black handbag complete this look perfectly.

The most exciting thing of all is that you can take each and any of these peices from this blog and pair them together to make outfit after outfit. Write all these pieces down, mix them up and pick from a hat, and just do it. You’ll be glad you did when you’re the most stunning woman in the room at that Holiday party! (wink face)

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Lower the pain of your High Heels

When it comes to wearing high heels, some women experience pain after just one hour. That is such a drag since they’re usually worn for the most important life events such as weddings, proms, barmitsfas, and even a formal workplace. Walking around and/or dancing in pain all day/night may change your entire experience and make it a miserable one. I’ve seen ladies wear them all day and night, and even run in them, and I can’t even wear them for half an hour. I think I could always settle for flats, but what’s the fun in that? I’m here to let you know how to make heels fun if you have a similar experience to mine.

You might find some comfortable heels, thats for sure, but they can become uncomfortable overtime. I’m talking about wear and tear over here and its not good! They can become uneven as the rubber lifts and soles get worn down. The solution?–FInd a good cobbler around the area. As soon as any damage starts to happen, cobblers can help make them feel new again. To avoid your heels from damaging your feet from the beginning, just go shopping at the end of the day because thats when you’re feet are swollen. You’ll obviously want them to still feel comfortable at any time of day, so trying them on at the store when your feet are at  their biggest, will give you a good size to take home.

Now, just because your heels feel comfortable, doesn’t mean you can treat them like they’re sneakers. You should walk differently in heels; make sure you have good posture and you’re using your core leg muscles. Strut your stuff like you’re on the catwalk with a bounce to your step! This is one way to avoid pain in your feet or legs.

Say you shopped in the morning and your heels are a bit snug. This doesn’t mean to go out and buy a shoe stretcher or exchange them, if you don’t want to. Simply take a zipblock bag, fill it with water, put in the shoe, and put shoes in the freezer. This sounds silly but if you keep them in there overnight you’ll wake up to wider shoes from the water expansion inside of them as the water freezes. If you’re not sure if they will be comfortable for the long run when they’re new, always save the receipt and walk around with them in the house and outside to try to break them in.

Heels can be flexible enough to stretch a little just with your feet. Put them on when you don’t actually need to wear them so you can break them in with your natural foot shape and size. Doing this will prep them when the time comes to wear them. You’ll be able to just slip them on with big time confidence that you’ll have a pain free day.

A Peak into the Fall

Furry is fun, especially when it keeps you warm but more when it’s not real animal fur. The reason for this fuzzy fun fact is to tell you faux fur is one of the biggest trends this coming fall 2017. And believe it or not, floral patterns are too. Although they are usually found in the spring, they’re blooming this fall, but in dark, romantic colors to go with the cooler weather. Designers spiced it up a little and went from the traditional Fall oranges and burgundies and went with deep blues, purples, and pinks. I think It’s sort of a neat way to go from spring to fall.

Just like in my last blog, showing the shoulders is a big thing, but just one shoulder for the fall. This will be especially adorable with sweater dresses and tall boots. Boots go great with leather pants too! You may or may not agree, depending on your personal style. If you like leather pants, you’re in luck; they’re here for the season in different colors and patterns.

We’ve talked a little about patterns, but what about glitter to make things shine? Maybe you can wear glittery leather pants or  furry coat. Whatever you like, silver glitter is here to stick to your clothes this fall, most especially for dresses. If you need something really fancy, glittery dresses are the way to go with black heels and a fancy hair do. Don’t forget to add a little clutch and silver jewelry to accessorize. Don’t leave the gold out when getting dressed up this season, though, its here to stay and is hot on the runways in shiny, gold, knee length dresses! As time goes on I’m sure there will be so much to dress up for and celebrate so keep that silver and gold in mind.

When Fishermen Start A Trend

Every so often, designers take a break from being “designer indulged” and make their ideas accessible to everyone. This year, the fisherman’s net bag seems to be the trendy, go to bag for all occasions. The list goes on from class, the beach, work, and even the gym. Its easygoing vibe attracts anybody who wants to throw their stuff in something and go—forget the ugly and ripping plastic bag, those are no fun.

Most trends are usually “over” priced, because of the materials or because they’re in high demand. At least that’s my reasoning. I could be wrong. Perhaps I’ll research that for my next blog. However, I do feel confident that anyone reading this would love this bag. The neat fact about it is that it originates from being an actual fisherman’s bag in France, back in the 1800’s. It became standard for shopping at French food markets for its expandable and flexible ways.

Today, it’s rarely seen used for food shopping, although I’m sure it’s great for carrying fruits. It’s paired with any style outfit and can bought anywhere, even online from $8 to $18 dollars. I really like the idea of this bag because of its authenticity, originality, and the fact that it has a long history behind it. I don’t think this trend will ever go away; its very neutral, so I see the possibility of many people using it to go along with their unique style. Although the neutral, tan color is most popular, I love the black one, it’s quite adorable if I do say so myself.


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Off the Charts Trend Continues to be Off-the-Shoulders

My favorite shirt style is the off-the-shoulder trend. It just so  happens to be one of the most popular clothing  trends at  the moment. It is so versatile because it’s not just about the straight across style anymore; it comes as asymmetrical, straps, one shoulder showing, and cutouts. It’s been in the top 5 top styles ever since it came to stores this year. This style shows off the arms and shoulders, which is so exciting to me since shoulders and arms always look great, no matter what. You can’t go wrong with the cut out shoulder, as there are so many different places to wear it; the club, work, or even the beach.

Wearing it with disconnected sleeves, longer or short, is such a unique and fun look to pair with denim jeans or shorts. One shoulder showing is super cute as it is remissive yet sensual. But if you want to get straight to the point and show off both shoulders, the straight across look is perfect, not to mention probably the most common of all. Asymmetrical is cool with all of its variety of cuts and shapes. It helps your look become dressier if that’s what you’re going for.

Off-the-shoulder with straps can be dressy on formal dresses for weddings and such. Actually, any of the styles of this trend can be worn dressy. Keeping you cool is what it does mostly, letting air flow to the arms and shoulders, on a hot summer day. There is nothing better to find in a shirt in this humidity. Making them even cooler, is laying long necklaces, high waist pants, and probably the coolest, wearing a see-through of the shoulder as a bathing suit top.

If you don’t have any off-the-shoulder shirts yet, a cute way to make your own would be to let one shoulder fall out while tying the opposite side on the bottom. This is so easy, and you’ll be the most creative, chic girl on the block! One thing that’s not so fun about these shirts, I have to admit, is keeping your shoulders out with your shirt always going back up. Well, another creative idea to keep your look right involves two baby pins and two elastics. To see how to do this, just watch the video (from  below and find out. Enjoy!



One of the most popular trend this season is the Romper, the one piece wonder. It’s different from the usual tank or tee worn with shorts, capris, or even skirts. Dresses are fun, but what about a pair of shorts for the bottom instead? They’re all about versatility, as they come in many different styles including off the shoulder, sleeveless, floral, polka dots, or even stripes. It can be worn long or short and always has a way of keeping you cool. They sure do have a way of helping you look cool too, or if you want to look sophisticated, you can certainly find that too. For that sophisticated look, try dressy materials like silk and satin. Even a little lace and darker color will add a touch of elegance.

There are even some that look like dresses in disguise with the security of shorts underneath, of course. That sounds pretty comfortable if you ask me! Comfort is key when it comes to picking the right one for you. Taller women should go for the longer lengths, while petite women should go above the knee. A good fit to for any body is loose and flowing, while cinching the waistline. No matter what body shape, height, or age, however, any woman will be able to find a romper that suits her perfectly. Be sure to try to on several different pieces to see what you like best.

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You are Your Own Perfect

No one is perfect, that’s for sure. And that’s perfectly okay, of course! I dug up some dirt on fashion no-no’s that we might wear on a daily basis, that can easily be avoided. Just a few tweaks and turns can be made to make you look and feel more ‘lightweight’ without the heaviness of certain details. One thing is for sure; your wallet might feel more lightweight, but there always a way to save that cash too.

First things, first; accessories are a must! They help to accentuate an outfit and add color and dimension. But we must avoid wearing too many pieces. If you have one statement necklace that stands out, that’s all you really need. Small earrings and one bracelet will do. If you go big on one thing, go small on the rest. When it comes to accessories, jewelry is the most popular choice. Some have trouble choosing whether or not to mix silver and gold, but guess what, mix away. Mixing them together is perfectly fine and looks adorable and some jewelry even comes with both together already.

When it comes to fabric, invest a little more than you normally would for the basics, if you don’t already. That way you’ll end up saving in the end, as they’ll last season after season and you won’t have to buy more each year. High quality looks better overall as the material lasts longer.  Examples of the basics are the usual summer tee shirts or a cashmere sweater for the winter. After getting your high quality basics, you’ll notice a lot of the materials will need ‘Dry Clean Only.’ Well just because they’re high qual, doesn’t mean they always need high maintenance. Many fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, and rayon actually prefer to be hand-washed.

While wearing your favorite clothes, don’t worry about being too ‘matchy-matchy’ as exact colors and patterns aren’t necessary. This can be time consuming and appears tacky. Look for complimentary pieces instead to let the colors go with the flow. Another thing you don’t want to overflow is the number of trends you wear at once. Piling them on is a fashion no-no, for the same reason as matchy-matching. Plus, spreading out the days to wear them is fun and you could be fashion forward in a new way just about every day!

There’s also nothing wrong with being a tall woman. Too many say they don’t want to look too tall in heels. One should embrace the height and realize it’s a part of their true beauty. Plus heels look amazing with any material. I’m sure any of you ladies reading this look amazing in anything you want to wear. While there’s no right or wrong in wanting to wear something a certain way, I sincerely hope this blog helps you make any alterations you’d like, to feel even more beautiful.

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An Eye for Sunglasses

Do you have an eye for sunglasses? How about a cat eye? Cat eye sunglasses are a major hit this summer/spring season for sure. These sunglasses are glamorous with a vintage touch as they stem from the 50’s and 60’s era. They’re a universal trend by the way they fit just about every face shape and any personal style. If you want take away from the size of your face a little, sharper edges are perfect for you. But if you’d like to accentuate your face try some more rounded edges.

Although simple and an obviously great choice, there is one (fun) challenge with the cat eye sunglasses; either making them the conversation piece or just an accessory that won’t override your outfit. Either way, the edginess of the glasses are so much fun! Not only is there variation in the shape, there are also many different colors and embellishments that you can find.

As far as colors, bright aqua is great for brunettes or dark hair and brown glasses for lighter hair colors. Basic or neutral color glasses are great to try first if you’re not sure how your wardrobe will mix with them, especially if you already wear bright colors, which is a good thing for spring! Remember to wear them the way you want to, and you’ll always be happy. To top that statement off, today I read a quote that said something like “fashion fades, but style is forever.”

A New Twist On Hats

Clothes are so much fun especially when they’re topped off with some cute accessories. That’s why I’ve got to talk about headwear trends to complete our wardrobes.  Cowboy hats might seem too common, but a new take on patterns and colors has really started to cover the top of the runways this season.

Speaking of season, how about baseball season? The traditional baseball hats, Ball caps are really in and have come out with beautiful shades of pink, red, black, and even gold. Different materials and embellishments have been added to let this active wear join smoothly with high fashion.

The fashion world has been introduced to quite the gloomy hat that covers your eyes. Although this look seems like it’d make you look like a Debby downer, it’s definitely very futuristic and unique. If you’re daring enough to try a hat that would make you stand out, even though it looks like you’re hiding, I give you so much credit! A hat that’s usually sort of frumpy and plain, the fisherman hat, is spiced up with lots of pizazz right now. They’re coming out in different fabrics such as satin and leather with a slightly bigger rim. Some have beads, pretty patterns, and fabric flowing from them.  

Straw hats can be worn all year round to keep the rays out of our eyes and help keep us looking stylish at the same time. They’re being worn with shorter brims as well as massive ones. Any size in between might look like a farmers hat. But hey, if that’s the look you want, go for it! The straw hat has never really had size options like this and will definitely adhere to anyone’s taste. The huge brims are perfect for beach days and look amazing with bathing suits. From the beach to the farm, there’s no limit to how far that straw will go.

Good News, More Shoes

Just like beautiful spring flowers, new shoe styles are popping up out of nowhere in new shapes and colors, left and right. Yes, left and right, for your feet!  So let’s take a step into the trends so you can get to shopping. Spring this year comes with three magic words, Logo Pool Slides. Remember them as you start to go poolside this year. They’re sort of like the Adidas sandals that were popular ten years ago, with a high end spin. Gucci and Chanel are two examples that are holding down the fort on this trend.

Something that may look high end with the out price and seen in shirts and handbags, is the Princess Satin. These heels are wrapped delicately in satin silk to create a luxurious feel and look. It can be worn with jeans but is especially great for going out. Something definitely the opposite is sandals with spunky and spontaneous details such as cherries, cactus, and palm trees. How could you get any more into spring than that, I mean there’s even flowers on these shoes, people!

So far these shoes seem pretty much the norm but what if you wanted to stand out? Well try standing up in a minimalist shoe that at first looks normal, but then if you look closer something sticks out, along with you. Some of these simple shoes have heels that look like glass, maybe Cinderella was their inspiration! There are also styles with fur, gel straps, flower patterns, suede, and even beads. What a great variety that is. Now hopefully these last two blogs have set you up in the right direction to put the best spring in your step. I feel that these shoes are all so beautiful in their own way, much like you ladies out there. So go ahead, get some for yourself and dress up your own style. I feel like they represent spring overall by being the vivacious styles we have yearned for all winter long.

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