Monthly Archives: May 2016

Think outside the Stripes

The striped look has been around for centuries, tracing back to the navy in the 1880’s. Lets talk about how you can look fabulous wearing it today and how it has become part of the foundation to many wardrobes, just like whites and denims.┬áStripes have been known for their classical horizontal direction but recently have steered themselves a new way. There are many vertical, asymmetrical, or scattered patterns too this season in both thick and thin lines.

On the runway this season, broad horizontal stripes are balanced with a pair of simple sneakers. These pieces include body suits and knit dresses. Vertical stripes are great for the work attire, especailly on suit separates. So don’t seperate yourself from the fun striped look at work, there is plenty of room for it in the office. When at home, however, get comfy with a vertically striped, long shirt dress and leggings. This outfit is great with flats or flips flops. You don’t always have to keep it just one direction though, asymmetrical stripes are here too and are especailly great on skirts and dresses.

What about something different than everything I’ve already mentioned? That is definitely possible. Stripes that go every which way is a thing too this season. See what outfits you can create with zig zag lines that are anything but classic. Zig zag stripes are awesome on casual dresses and change the way a dress is designed because the stripes are put in places that help accentuate your greatest features. So why not think outside the box, or should I say outside the stripes this spring.