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The hottest Summer sunglasses Trends

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With that bright, hot sun beaming down all summer long, sunglasses become a part of your wardrobe and there is no limit to just one style. Here are a few of the latest sunglasses trends to try this summer. The cat eye silhouette is one that has been popular on and off since the 1950’s. For

Cat Eye (

summer 2014, designers have brought this look back as one of the most popular trends. Some versions are squarer while others are thicker around the edges with a more subtle point on the corners.

Try round sunglasses with either black or brown lenses with thicker lined lenses. They are gaining more and more popularity on the runways. Wayfarer sunglasses, the top choice for celebrities Jessica Biel and Selena Gomez, keeping the over-sized sunglasses trend in check, come in

Round Sunglasses (

patterns, neon, and plain black as well if you want to keep it simple. The biggest trend out there is the wooden frames. They are inspired by the surfer look and

Octagon Sunglasses (

have  a uniqueness to them that no other sunglasses do. No one would expect wooden frames as opposed to the traditional metal or plastic!

Going to a not so traditional pair of sunglasses, geometrical shapes are part of this summer trends to really spice up your outfits with a retro look. Some looks are octagon, sharper cat eye, and more of a square shape. All of these shapes and colors create a huge variety for you to try all summer long. They allow you to complete your outfit and create your own individual look that make you, well, you!

How to Flaunt that Pear Shaped Body

The pear shaped body has a smaller upper body, including the shoulders and waistline, along with wider hips, and full legs, with a fairly flat stomach. What a figure! Now let’s find out how to dress this beautiful shape.First things first, let’s make sure to flatter the bottom half in a way that flaunts it like you’ve never have before. The best pants to wear are boot cut. They balance out your legs with your smaller upper half as they are wider at the bottom than the top part of the pants.

First things first, let’s make sure to flatter the bottom half in a way that flaunts it like you’ve never have before. The best pants to wear are boot cut. They balance out your legs with your smaller upper half as they are wider at the bottom than the top part of the pants.

Shirts with bat-wing sleeves are great for balancing out your top half with your lower half as they make your shoulders wider and appear bolder. Nobody said you needed wide shoulders, but if you want balance them out that is a great way. Another way is to wear shirts with collars. Be sure your shirts fit snug around your waist to accentuate your curves.

Now to dress it up, dresses with bulky tops and simple on the bottom are great for you. One that tapers in at the waist and flares out at the bottom will amaze you with its flattery to your body. Make sure the waist is not loose but not too tight. A stiffer fabric is best for dresses.

If you follow these simple tips for dressing or just going casual, each outfit will make you feel and look comfortable with balance. Another thing to help balance your body shape is a jacket. Jackets give more structure to the shoulders and are best worn long as the length with create a nice lean line right down to the hips!

Layering the cool way

Believe it or not I’ve discovered a few tips to layer without the burden of feeling too warm. Just by playing with different lengths, styles, and patterns, you can create a summer outfit that is simple enough to keep feeling and looking cool!
The first idea is a long, flowy tank with shorts. Lace shorts are a great idea, as they are a lighter material than denim and very chic. The long top idea is fun because it’s almost like wearing a dress

Long tank with shorts (

without having to worry about it being too short. If it’s a lower tank in the armpits, throw on a bandeau underneath, a spandex piece that covers only the bra, keeping you cool without adding bulk. For accessories, add a small cross body bag that not only goes well with your flowy top, but is great for avoiding a heavy purse. We all know carrying around a heavy purse in the heat is no fun!
If you are wearing a dress and want to layer you can do that with style while still allowing air to flow to your skin. A light denim vest will always look nice with any casual summer dress because you won’t have to add any bulk of sleeves with your sleeveless or strapped dress. You can even wear your sleeveless vest with your tank in the first outfit idea!


Kimono Top (

A new trend, called the Kimono Jacket, showed in the picture to the left, is a light and easy way to layer with a short tank or bandeau underneath. Wear it with high-rise shorts and sandals and you will be in style and not overheated. Also wear them over a dress to create your own look of the season. And don’t forget to try them with low rise shorts too. Stretch your layering wardrobe by buying all of your tops in different patterns and colors to keep a variety of outfits that you can wear all summer long.

Falling into the next season

With fall around the corner, its crazy to think of how fast the summer has gone by and even more crazy to think of putting those cute summer outfits away. But you won’t have to so soon once fall is officially here. There are a few simple tricks to keeping your warm weather pieces out as long as you want.

If there are any dresses, short sleeve shirts, and tanks that you absolutely love, when fall is officially here, a simple jacket or sweatshirt can be worn over them all day, especially with the jacket open and the zipper down to the middle to show off those fun summer colors you love.You can even wear a long sleeve shirt under your dresses too, now how simple is that? Don’t forget to change from sandals to boots or simply socks with your sandals. Socks with sandals has always been a funny look, but it just depends on what sandals they are, and be sure you don’t wear thick socks.

Just put on a pair of boots to keep warm with those shorts or skirts. Who said you couldn’t wear them all year round? Create your own unique look with any skirt, from denim to leather. If you don’t want to wear the boots, just throw on a pair of nylons underneath and you’ll be all set. Or do both! This is only the beginning of fall talk, so don’t worry, there is more to come. For a few more weeks I’ll still be in summer mode right along with you because I know it’s not fall just yet, but it’s always good to start planning ahead!

Handbags Galore

This summer, full of sun and busy days, we need to bring all of our essentials with us, and we should do it in style! I’m talking handbags, big and small, whatever works for you. There are many different patterns and looks to go with, so let’s discuss them all to get you up to date about the summer handbag trends.

When it comes to materials, the bags this season are made of leather layers, sleek and shiny plastic, crocodile skins, studs, and zippers going down the sides. Even straw bags for the beach are a great choice.

Giving you the freedom to run around; backpacks are back in, but this time with a more cut, sleeker look. Even in black, they are stylish and convenient. Bright colors are in too for any style, from oranges, green, yellows, and blues. A bright colored handbag will spice up with any summer outfit!

Clutches have always been good for the little things to quickly throw together on a night out, but now the clutch has grown in size. A new trend is an oversized clutch that can be used for any occasion. Some even come with a long handle now to go over the shoulder, known as the oversized clutch.

Switching to another extreme, one of the cutest changes and trends to handbags this summer is the mini bag. You won’t need to worry about oversized, heavy bags to carry around; they have long straps, short straps, any style you’d like, just fun size, to go along with your fun summer days and nights.


Jeans, Jeans, and more Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is not an easy thing. Having a positive mindset will help you find styles that benefit you. Try a store you’ve had luck in before because they’ll most likely have similar styles that have worked for you in the past. Have fun with them and get some accessories too! If you want to keep it simple, there’s nothing wrong with that, go with whatever works with your unique style that is good for you and only you. Here are a few pointers and quick tips on the lovely denim pants.

The most important thing to do is try on a size bigger and a size smaller. Even if you have to go a couple sizes up, don’t fret, size is only a number and not all clothing lines design jeans the same, always remember that! Be sure to try as many jeans as possible. If you only bring a couple pairs to the fitting room, you will be limiting yourself to the possibility of styles that may work right for you.

Different Styles (

Different styles to test out are skinny, boot cut, low rise slim leg, flare, and skinny. They shouldn’t fit loose in your bottom, groin, and hip area. This makes it impossible for the jeans to cling just right to your body (not too much of course) and show off that wonderful figure! If they cover at least half your ankle, they are the perfect length. You don’t want your jeans to be skin tight, no matter how good they look. When you bend over to pick something up and have to pull them up constantly, this means they don’t fit you the way they should. The only exception is the low rise style.

With every style, there should be a little room in the waist so you aren’t creating a muffin top. Create a closet full of jeans that are right for you because they are the most versatile staple item of clothing that is able to expand your wardrobe.

Outfit Ideas (

You can wear boots, heels, sneakers, sandals, flip flops, flats, tee-shirts, flannels, sweatshirts, casual shirts, dress jackets and much more. As I mentioned before, don’t forget to accessorize. There is no limit as to what style purse, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and scarves you can add. Now that’s a lot of variety! What would we do without jeans? Well, we would definitely be limited on outfit ideas. So, go on, try on those jeans, have fun with accessories and fill up that closet!