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No Rules, No Problems; The Fallout Of Summer

I must say, it’s so hard for me to accept that summer is ending! Summer is the best season in my eyes for fashion, the beach, and pool parties. Just being able to stay out in the sunlight until 9pm, allows me to create so many great memories with friends and family. While at those gatherings, I have of course noticed all the trendy outfits my people or ones I just met, are wearing and let me tell you, there have been some fun outfits, just like the trends I’ve talked about this past summer, such as bright colors, high wasted shorts, and rompers. I am so in love with summer-wear, that I find it hard to let it go for fall.The great thing is, I’ve found I really don’t have to let the summer fashion go just yet. I can slowly start adding sweaters and boots to my summer clothes. This helps to slowly transition from summer to fall.

With a romper, you can add a cardigan, dressy shoes, and a scarf to stay cool if the new weather changes bring a cold front. If you find you have to wear jeans on a chilly morning, wear a fun and colorful tank underneath a sweatshirt, because you just never know; that last bit of summer could pop out of nowhere mid-day and you don’t want to be stuck sweating. After all, it is New England, and the weather is very unpredictable.

If you want to rock the boot look, maybe hold off on coordinating them with ponchos or sweaters for a bit until those last humid days fade away. Therefore, balancing out the warm outfits with tanks underneath to prepare for that sudden last minute splash of summer, will surely make you the ultimate New Englander fashionista.

When you’re a fashionista you know you can make up your own styles and look good! Even after all the fun of balancing outfits during the season transition, the best thing about it all is you don’t have to follow the rules. If you want to wear white after Labor Day, go right ahead, who cares?! LIfe is too short to follow silly rules! And if you want to wear blue and black together, go for it. I really admire taking the trends and making them your own. So do your own thing, yet stay cool in the beginning of fall; think summertime has a hard time admitting its over, too!