Good News, More Shoes

Just like beautiful spring flowers, new shoe styles are popping up out of nowhere in new shapes and colors, left and right. Yes, left and right, for your feet!  So let’s take a step into the trends so you can get to shopping. Spring this year comes with three magic words, Logo Pool Slides. Remember them as you start to go poolside this year. They’re sort of like the Adidas sandals that were popular ten years ago, with a high end spin. Gucci and Chanel are two examples that are holding down the fort on this trend.

Something that may look high end with the out price and seen in shirts and handbags, is the Princess Satin. These heels are wrapped delicately in satin silk to create a luxurious feel and look. It can be worn with jeans but is especially great for going out. Something definitely the opposite is sandals with spunky and spontaneous details such as cherries, cactus, and palm trees. How could you get any more into spring than that, I mean there’s even flowers on these shoes, people!

So far these shoes seem pretty much the norm but what if you wanted to stand out? Well try standing up in a minimalist shoe that at first looks normal, but then if you look closer something sticks out, along with you. Some of these simple shoes have heels that look like glass, maybe Cinderella was their inspiration! There are also styles with fur, gel straps, flower patterns, suede, and even beads. What a great variety that is. Now hopefully these last two blogs have set you up in the right direction to put the best spring in your step. I feel that these shoes are all so beautiful in their own way, much like you ladies out there. So go ahead, get some for yourself and dress up your own style. I feel like they represent spring overall by being the vivacious styles we have yearned for all winter long.

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