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Show Some Glove

If it’s in your current plans to go to a formal gathering, the latest look with evening gowns is matching, elbow length gloves. So go ahead, show some glove! Or not going so formal or at all, but want some length? Try mid-length gloves to wear out at night with your friends or on your way home from work, because boy are the temperatures starting to drop at night!

A glove trend for both day and night, that is not only flexible to wear with whatever you want; but comes in handy (no pun intended) when you don’t want to take off your gloves but need to open a bottle or text someone;  the finger-less mittens. They are mittens but with the ability to fold the top part over and become flexible finger wear.

Suede with fur is also another great find this winter season. Wavy, loose fur, fringe-like fur, and soft, short fur are three beautiful trends that go with fur-lined coats to bring elegance, warmth, and comfort all at once. Sounds pretty good to me!

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Drinking and Dressing

Its almost 2016; where has the time gone? Don’t waste one second and take advantage of your creative side when it comes to what you’ll where this New Year’s Eve. Drinks and dressing up are always a part of a party, so why not coordinate your outfit with what your drinking. It’s like creating a new you for the new year, this will just be your first outfit for doing so. Just remember to dress and drink responsibly now, even though I know this is probably going to be a lot of fun. There are so many different types of you amazing women out there, so let’s see the different outfits in the running for you to wear.

First things first, Champagne; the classic drink that gives a classy feel, so why not wear something with brilliant class such as a gold clutch, gold heals, with a black, smooth one piece outfit that has a deep v neck line to show a little skin, as either a dress or one piece suit.

Craft beer is the ultamite countryside, relaxing drink. But hey you’re going out so if your style of flannel goes along with that beer go ahead and wear what you want. Make  it dressy with a fringe skirt perhaps and laced up pumps.

Margaritas are my personal favorite and would go amazingly with a dressy, casual long red dress, red sandals, and a bag that resembles a sombrero with its materials and patterns. Just don’t forget gold bracelets and earrings.

A black tunic dress, long gold earrings and some semi causal black shoes would go perfect with whiskey. I would say you’re brave if that’s your drink of choice but will be looking awesome with this outfit. Choose wisely and don’t be afraid to mix up any of these styles a bit! But please be sure to drink, dress, and drive safely and have the time of your chic, stylish life!

Hats, Hats, and More Hats

This Winter 2015 season I’ve talked about some chic and stylish coats and sunglasses, but lets not forget about hats to complete the cold-weather look. I’ve come across some adorable and unique styles that may  tickle your fancy!

Winter hats are one of the pieces that spices up a winter look to keep you feeling warm and cozy, especially, fur hats. This luxurious and feminine look comes in lovely burning and bright oranges and yellows. What a way to brighten up your winter blues! Another warm and cozy style, that is constantly on the runways is the knitted hat, perfect for those with oval faces and are quite popular in stripes and leopard patterns.

A style for those of any face shape and height is the beret, which brings a french elegance, made of two different looks; sparkles, great for the flashy divas, and smooth & classic for the ladies who prefer the original black or brown. Another hat that carries variety is the cap, suitable for those who prefer a more casual or sporty look.

There are caps out there made of snake skin and other catchy tones, which keep you warm, as they have a rounded top part, and the cap going below the eyebrow line. There are more classics such as the over-sized bowler hat, Amish style hats, and fedoras. There is only one more accessory to complete the winter look, and that is hand-warmers and gloves. Stay on the look out for  information on those trends as well.

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The Bright Side of Winter

Just because winter is around the corner, doesn’t mean the sun goes into hibernation too! So, we’re still going to need some stylish sunglasses to keep our eyes protected right? There are a few sunglasses trends that I’d like to mention that will be the best picks to go with your warm weather outfits.

The first to mention is making a bold statement with floral appliques and studs. These glasses require no effort as they speak for themselves with the message that you’re ‘too cool for school.’ Colorful/mirrored sunglasses

are off the charts on the cool scale, turning every head even when wearing the most basic outfits. They’re able to hide tired eyes with their reflective nature, even if you’re feeling unmotivated from a long day at work or with the kids, no one would even guess that with these glasses on.

A bit more of an edgy look is the flat top/square style. They’re edgy with a mix of aviators and over-sized frames. Something else a bit edgy and retro at the same time is the round/retro style; to match the resurgence of the flared jeans and throwback fashion, (which is my next blog topic).

If you’re not really into the whole retro trend, whatever you’re wearing can become the most sophisticated, glamorous outfit, just by putting this next style, the cat eye look on those eyes. It’s edgy and flirtatious all at once, giving us a chance to be sassy and confident.





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Fashion Police on the loose again

I haven’t gotten around to buying any on-trend track pants yet, but have seen them everywhere. Some definite no-no’s that have caught my eye are track pants paired with boots, tee shirts, slippers, and sneakers. These pants can be worn any way one pleases, however, they’re best worn in dressy materials with pumps, sandals, and a dressy top.

Speaking of pumps, we are not limited to just the essential black pump anymore, haven’t you heard? It may sound a bit scary, as we know black and neutral colors are there to pull our outfits together. But don’t fear any longer because patterns and bold colors are the latest trend in pumps as they add a little bold to our wardrobe. I tried it yesterday, and not only did my outfit look brighter, so was my outlook on a hard day’s work.

I have questioned colorful shoes like that in the past, but not anymore. I do have a question right now though, why are you still carrying around a huge tote everywhere? So many ladies right now are lugging huge ones filled with everything but the kitchen sink, it seems like.  I know you have many things to carry, so of course it’s convenient, but it just weighs you down. For the best look, find a clutch that will hold your essentials and leave the tote in the car or office.

Another look I spotted at the gym this morning was baggy sweatpants and big tee-shirts. If you’re still cringing in the mirror at the gym at how you look, it is about time you update that gym wardrobe! Fitted and feminine is the way to go. You will feel so much better and be even more motivated as you see how great you look at the gym. It works for me, when I look good, I feel good! If these trends work for me, I know they will work for you.

Spicing Things up a Bit

Here’s something you probably never heard: shopping is just like cooking. Sounds crazy right? But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense; you have to put the right things together and it doesn’t hurt to add a little extra to spice things up a little. What I really mean is when it comes to the perfect recipe for an outfit; you need accessories to pull it all together. So let me tell about a few great accessory trends this fall.

Remember the bow tied blouse in my previous blog? Dress it up with some pearls to give yourself a classic and elegant look. How about a scarf around your neck as well? This season, striped scarves are running up and down the runway.  Don’t forget you might need a little something to put your scarf or lipstick in. If you’re going to use a handbag, be up to date with a double-strap handbag; super cute with an extra chain handles.

For your hair, a satan headband is a great simple and dressy accessory that you can wear to work and out at night all in the same day. Another item for the head is a wide brim hat. It’s very chic and easy to go with any outfit.  If you want to add something unique, especially if you already have fringe on your boots or jacket, try a gold or silver fringe bracelet that will hang off your wrist with confidence and beauty; two accessories that you’re never seen without, all you stylish, gorgeous ladies out there!