Monthly Archives: September 2017

A Peak into the Fall

Furry is fun, especially when it keeps you warm but more when it’s not real animal fur. The reason for this fuzzy fun fact is to tell you faux fur is one of the biggest trends this coming fall 2017. And believe it or not, floral patterns are too. Although they are usually found in the spring, they’re blooming this fall, but in dark, romantic colors to go with the cooler weather. Designers spiced it up a little and went from the traditional Fall oranges and burgundies and went with deep blues, purples, and pinks. I think It’s sort of a neat way to go from spring to fall.

Just like in my last blog, showing the shoulders is a big thing, but just one shoulder for the fall. This will be especially adorable with sweater dresses and tall boots. Boots go great with leather pants too! You may or may not agree, depending on your personal style. If you like leather pants, you’re in luck; they’re here for the season in different colors and patterns.

We’ve talked a little about patterns, but what about glitter to make things shine? Maybe you can wear glittery leather pants or  furry coat. Whatever you like, silver glitter is here to stick to your clothes this fall, most especially for dresses. If you need something really fancy, glittery dresses are the way to go with black heels and a fancy hair do. Don’t forget to add a little clutch and silver jewelry to accessorize. Don’t leave the gold out when getting dressed up this season, though, its here to stay and is hot on the runways in shiny, gold, knee length dresses! As time goes on I’m sure there will be so much to dress up for and celebrate so keep that silver and gold in mind.