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A New End Brings Shoe Trends

Well, it’s just about time for a new ending as winter is just about over. That means different colors, patterns, and styles of clothing and shoes coming about like wildflowers. Before I get into the many details of clothing, I want to introduce you to a few Spring shoe trends to look out for.

I’ve talked about the 90’s before and the little twist that today’s style takes on them. The classic flat summer sandal originally from that era, takes a twist with bright colors, and funky embellishments, making them a bit dressier.

Opposite of the sandals, but still dressy, platform shoes go all out this year with rhinestones and amazing patterns. Trying them for a night out may be the best decision of the New Year, girls! If you don’t want them too high, they come in various heights for your unique taste. They are great paired with a dress, wide bottom pants, or leggings.

Another dressy look is a pair of heels of course, but I’m not talking ordinary heels. Just check out the picture to the left; I mean heels with designs in them! Try them for yourself; you might just fall in love with a classic look for the first time. Lets see how long it will last, one season or maybe for centuries.

That’s the thing with fashion; you just never know what will happen! I think that’s the most exciting part about it all. The one shoe that I am most excited about is the sock boot. I laugh at their name because I just picture regular white socks that look like boots. But that’s not it at all, these boots are by far the most popular trend for Spring and the coziest. There are plenty more shoe trends to go around, so stay tuned for more shoes sprouting up in my next blog.

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Purses Galore

Bag trends are important to keep up with because you take your bag everywhere with you and need it to carry your essential items. At least I know I always need mine. If you’re with me on that, keep on reading to know what to look for in store this season. There’s something out there for everyone whether you like big bags and have a lot of stuff to take with you or need something small and simple for a girl’s night out.

Clutches are perfect for going out, but don’t always have to serve that purpose. Try this trend on for size, literally. Oversized clutches can carry you through the day. Just make sure you carry it more than it carries you, its size might be intimidating. But no need to fear, the big clutches are amazing and beautiful! They come in leather, suede, and hold just about anything but your umbrella and paperwork.

A style that’s definitely different, chain handle bags, add a bit of glimmer and shine to your everyday look. The metal chains dress you up a bit more as they’re usually a leather or faux snake skin material. Something quite the opposite, easy hobo bags are an easy going, usually linen or cotton, roomy bag to stick everything in for those ladies on the go. Or maybe you’re just super laid back with your outfits and attitude, these bags will complete your vibe.

Fringe bags also have an easygoing aura about them as they come with longer handles and have one opening. No complicated pockets will mess with this bag and its beautiful suede outer being. An adorable trend, my favorite, is the mini bag. They prevent you from dealing with digging into your purse to find things and don’t weigh down your shoulders during the day or night. Just pack your keys, phone, cards, and cash. Isn’t that all you really need anyways besides a new bag after reading this? Enjoy these styles ladies, I think the runway scene made some great bag impressions this time around. 

Come Back, Winter Trends!

Just like the old saying goes, “what goes around, come back around,” and this is exactly what fashion does; it disappears then finds its way back to the spotlight years later. Whether you like it or not, here come the 90’s again, starting this winter. The clothes won’t be exactly like you see in vintage 90’s pictures however, as recently they mold in with today’s fashion. The first trend to mention is the mini skirt and jacket suit brought to life by the movie Clueless. If you want heels or boots with this look, don’t fret, either one will be fine. I know I’m going to try it with boots, so I don’t fall in the ice. I’ll also be wearing a longer skirt for work, that way I can really work this outfit and be comfortable, yet professional.

A helpful hint; for boots, buy weatherproof for the snow and slush. Shoe stores and online shopping may lead you to weatherproof and/or waterproof black boots. If you can’t find any, buy some spray that waterproofs any material. It’s easy and inexpensive because it will save your boots if you spend a lot on them and the spray itself won’t break the bank. Something else less professional but comfy, is the logo trend. Logo sweatpants and logo sweatshirts worn together is back in action and perfect during the weekend while working out or lounging around.

Combat boots, more like comeback boots, are great with any outfit you want to piece together. Even with floral dresses with a touch of goth, that were floating around back then. Don’t forget the most popular shoe trend, platform shoes. I remember wearing those in elementary school with my bell bottom jeans. My favorite nowadays, the shoulder less and crop tops, although it seems they never really went away, are back too. You might be thinking it’s too cold to wear them but when you have to go outside, a flannel or jean shirt can keep you warm. They were alive in the 90’s and continue to flourish this winter.

Why not go all out and accessorize these looks? The choker necklace especially the tattoo-style version that Drew Barrymore wore in 1994 is here. Accessorize with a leather jacket that adds edge to any outfit and is great to wear in three out of four seasons. Last but definitely not least, animal print. It has always been one of the toughest to pull off, so if you can, all the power to you. And there’s nothing wrong with that, girl-power came from the 90’s too. (wink wink)

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Be Bold in the Cold

The winter time brings unbearable, cold temperatures and changes in your wardrobe. But this doesn’t mean that you have to keep your favorite clothes in the closet; it’s a time to wear more of them at once to create warm outfits that you’ll love.

Do you have a pair of over the knee boots? Try them out with shorts or a short skirt. Ankle boots are great with cuffed jeans that will make sure your boots are still being seen. If the snow forces you to wear snow boots instead of stylish ones, get creative and invent an outfit that is great for you. Even get creative with colors and materials; have fun with it. You’ll feel confident in your own style along with comfy and warm feet in the snow, what a great combination!

Layer up your favorite pants with leggings or nylons underneath. No need for sweatpants only. Keep those tanks out and put them under tees layered with a sweater and coat. Most of the warmest coats are so bulky. So style them on up this winter with a belt around the waist. Bulky gloves aren’t needed at all, the most chic gloves have warm materials inside so that you can move your hands around freely during the hustle and bustle of family and work.

Every season comes with accessories and winter’s are more fun than any other, I believe. Scarves are so versatile and can be worn more than just around the neck. Tie them around your shoulders in a knot or over your head on windy day. Get a hat that is warm enough to keep your ears from falling off but fun one you know you’ll want to keep, as it’s one of the first things people will see.

The fact of the matter is, you don’t need to bulk it up and be as stiff and boring as a tree trunk this winter with your cold weather clothes. Your chic side will be like an evergreen tree instead, forever colorful and alive.


Brand New Trends for Winter

Hey there, are you feeling broken down about the winter weather coming our way? Well, coming to us just in time are the Broken Down denim jeans. They look put together by several denim pieces from dark and light jeans to make up one pair. Don’t miss out on this look, as it’s probably the most unique and trendiest for jeans this season. 

While lounging during a snow storm one of the most relaxing feelings is a soft animal by your side. It just so happens that the newest trend in materials is real fur jackets, not as life like as your pets, but just as soft. Personally I don’t wear real fur, but for those who do, I hear it’s the warmest way to snuggle up.

If you’re looking for something lighter to cover up with besides a jacket, caplets are the way to go. They’re quite possibly the tiniest cover up choice; great for the holidays in red and black to dress up when you go to see Santa. When you see him, make sure you ask for one of these new trends for Christmas, it’ll be one of the best gifts you get!  

Fashion for Fun Fall Festivities

During the fall there are so many fun activities to do with your favorite people. Being the fashion guru and girly-girl that I am, my first thought is ‘what am I going to wear’ before a wine tasting with the girls or hiking with my family.

For hiking you’ll want to keep warm but don’t need a heavy jacket just yet. Thats why leggings and sneakers for the rough terrain of the outdoors, are just fine. Pair these with a vest, hoody underneath, and a beanie.

Before hunting for the perfect pumpkin, apple picking, or maybe both in one day, I know you’ll want to pick a perfectly great outfit before anything else! That’s the most exciting part, especailly because the most cozy and stylish outfit is definitely in order for these events. Jogging pants, an oversized sweater, and mules to just slip on and go are great for a long day outdoors.

Probably just as popular as the pumpkin spice latte, wine tasting, is a little more on the fancy side. A dressy cami, skirt and pumps are the way to go. But if it’s too chilly for a skirt and pumps, a dressy sweater with leggings or denim and boots are just as perfect.

Hay riding is more on the opposite side of the spectrum, more laid back, I guess you could call it. So, instead of dressing up, try denim jeans, a jacket of matching wash. I’d go with black sneakers if you think you might bump into some mud along the way. If you think you’ll be bumping into any of these activities soon, there are two main rules; have fun and be stylish to others.

Tips for wearing Ankle Boots with Jeans

This season, Fall in love with a trend that’s so stylish and easy that you’ll never let it go. I’m talking about Ankle boots paired with skinny jeans. What especailly makes this combo great is that you can see the whole boot with the pant’s slim cut. If you’re skinny jeans are too long for you, rolling the hem up inside and ironing it will give it a natural looking new length. If you prefer leggings, they are great because they will do the same thing as skinny jeans for you. Even better, wear jeggings, jeans as stretchy as leggings for comfort and the boot/denim look altogether.

To change it up a little, try cuffing up your pants on the outside instead of tucking them into your boots. Don’t be afraid to try other styles with your ankle boots such as the boyfriend style and boot cut. The boyfriend jeans have a looser cut, are usually rolled up at the end, with a shorter length. These denim pieces are better with high heeled booties to avoid a tomboyish look. But if that’s for you, by all means, go for it, girl!

High heeled ankle boots are also great if you’re aiming to look taller. Just add jeans that are the same color of the boots for leaner, longer looking legs. For jeans with a zipper at the end, forget about tucking them in and zipping them up. Leave the hem unzipped for a unique fashion statement. All of these ideas make a statement of variety and pizazz that can last all through the season and into winter.

A Touch of Color

The Pantone Institute of Color has created their color report for Fall and I am ready to give you the tell-all. To begin, I must tell you exactly how Pantone describes this color group in the following.

The desire for strength, tranquility, and opimism, have inspired a Fall 2016 color palette that is led by the blue family.*

Along with anchoring earth tones, exuberant pops of vibrant colors also appear throughout the collections. Transcending gender, these unexpectedly vivacious colors in our Fall 2016 palette act as playful but structured departures from your more typical fall shades.*

Blue skies represent constancy as they are always above us. Grays give a feeling of stability, Red tones invite confidence and warmth, while the hot Pinkish Purples and Spicy Mustard Yellows suggest a touch of the exotic.*

The two blue shades, Airy Blue and Riverside bring freedom and calmness to your wardrobe. While Airy Blue is a light blue, Riverside is a bit darker with consistency and excitement all at once.

Pink is staying for the fall as I mentioned in a previous blog, which will go great with the new Dusty Cedar. It’s a rose-toned pink with a few complex shades that go great with taupe.

A shade close to taupe, Spicy Mustard, makes the list to spice  things up a bit. Wear it to bring a vibrant feeling into fall to prove that not all fall colors, especailly this year, have to be dark and dull. In fact most of them, especailly the ones mentioned, are lively and beautiful.


* = From the website:


End of Summer, Beginning of This…

So it’s now September, which sadly means summer is almost over. Fortunately, it’s just the beginning of new summer wardrobe ideas and variation to help you have a smooth transition from summer to fall. To inspire at least one outfit idea to get you through the rest of the hot weather, keep reading to keep cool.

When it comes to fall, light jackets are key but may be too hot for the daytime for at least a couple more weeks. If you have a fall jacket, perhaps a leather one, pair it with a flowy dress for  both a feminine and masculine look all at once. You can sport your beautiful dress during the day and keep cool at night with your edgy leather jacket. Gingham shirts, usually long sleeved, can be worn rolled up through the daytime sun with a mini skirt. By night, pair these with a cargo jacket to help keep you warm.

Now with fall weather on its way, the color scheme of things will be changing, as we know, to browns, oranges, and beiges. But this doesn’t mean that the classic summer shade of pink has to go away. In fact, pink will be here to stay for fall. So keep on carrying on that pink tee. Perhaps wear it with boyfriend jeans and a pair of simple pink pumps. Thumbs up to that! You can also put two thumbs up for tropical and/or summer prints in fall colors. This idea will help summer stay just a little longer. This idea is great with a dressy, two piece outfit for the night.

On the subject of colors again, all black can still be worn through the beginning of fall. Just trade your sandals for loafers and put on a cardigan or denim jacket. Specifically, the black jumpsuit, a classic summer piece this year would be amazing with the loafers and a jacket idea. So don’t put away that one piece of beauty just yet.

We don’t have to always pack away wardrobe pieces at the first sight of a new season. Fall does turn over a new leaf, but it takes time for all the trees to turn a different color. Be your own tree during this transition and switch out your clothing in your own time while making new outfits with both summer and fall clothes.

Shoes News

Are you ready to hear the latest on summer shoes? If so, you came to the right blog today. Every year so many different styles and colors of sandals and sneakers come out, so here are a few of the ones you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

They say you should never spend more than $10 on flip flops. This probably means that flips flops are usually just a flop so why not flip your style over to something better, pool sliders. A dressy, yet causal sandal that you can wear with any outfit and around the pool on a hot day. It won’t even matter if you get thrown in the water “by mistake” with them on. They’re all around awesome with good quality and never over $40.

Dressy Mules, also know as slip on heels, are perfect for summer as they are dressy and easy to slip right on and off. Another easy shoe is the slip on loafer. The loafers been given a little twist because you can wear these at the office and get a little air to your feet if your workplace is lacking air conditioner or if you’re just warm from working hard. Whatever you do for a living, they’re here to help you cool down.

Something causal; sneakers are here in vibrant, beautiful colors. When you’re off work, switch into a pair for the gym or just to wine down. You can find wedges dressed up in a variety of different color shades and patterns too. If you’re going out after work, a night on the town calls for something sensual. Lace up heels are amazing with a little black dress or club outfit. If you want to be bold, put some platforms on for size and metallic or stripes! Chunky block heels will make you feel happy and glamorous as they can dress up any casual outfit. So be there and be square with the chunky block heels and the rest of these styles and you’ll be set for summer.