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Marvelous Scarves

winter-2015-scarves-fashion-trends-1The best thing about scarves is how versatile they are; and not to mention that you can wear them all year round. In winter, the heavier, the better to keep warm with of course. The first one I want to talk about is the exciting puffer scarf. It’s nice for throwing around your neck and insulating all the heat from your jacket and itself to keep you warm for a long time on the coldest days of the year.

Blanket scarves are my absolute favorite in a cotton or fleece material. They’re so very warm and big enough to wear and tie however you want. I believe the best part to these is getting to wear them like a shawl or poncho to compliment an outfit. Giant scarves in general are just wonderful, they’re fluffy and practically wear you, instead of the other way around, especially in wool or thick cotton. Don’t forget to match your scarves with gloves and hat!

Another extremely warm and firey scarf trend is the fur scarf. I personally would only wear faux fur, but you do whatever makes you happy! Happiness is feeling warm inside and the outside in the winter, for sure, so why not try a furry feeling scarf? They traditionally are made with black and brown furs, but this year they’re coming out with any color, which are great to brighten up a cold and snowy day. But no matter what scarf trend you choose you can always count on feeling comfy and being trendy.

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Now although its cold, doesn’t mean that the trends are! The hottest trend so far is tying scarves in a bow. For work its great with a silk or chiffon material to go with your attire or to keep warm if they don’t put the heat on hot enough. Some wool and heavier ones come tied like a bow already for a forever tied look that you can pull out again next year.