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Wearing Pink in the Winter

In cooler weather, some may think pink will stand out too much against the season’s more neutral colors. But when worn the right way and in the right shade, you’ll never have to worry about that. If you are one to wear it all year round, keep reading for the hottest pink outfit ideas this cold winter season.

If you want to wear pink but don’t want to go all out, just wear it as an accent color. For example, a pink tee or tank is great under a cardigan with other neutral colors throughout the outfit to tone it down. It’s also a good idea to wear light pinks with dark pinks so you don’t appear washed out. Try a lighter sweater with a pair of brighter pink pants to balance the colors.

You may have the personality or just feel bold enough to wear bright pink alone, so why not do it with some leather to give it a little edge? A bright pink top with some leather pants or a skirt is very ideal for winter. Add a leather purse and ankle boots in the mix. If you are wearing no pink but want to add some, use accessories to bring in the pink. You may be surprised at how many scarves, gloves, hats, and sunglasses are around this winter, you just have to shop around and be daring.  One way to go about this is with a pink bag, patterned knit dress, and knee high boots.

When it comes to social gatherings, wearing a hot pink cocktail dress may be the way to go to stand out among the usual shades of winter. For a more casual look in dresses, wear a pink sweater dress under a neutral trench to add the element of surprise.  You’ll be surprised at how much fun all of these pink ideas really are this winter season.

A Few Fun and Trendy Scarf Ideas

Scarves are so easy to love with their versatility from the patterns to the outfits they get paired with. One great scarf trend to wear this winter season is polka dots, especially in red and black. There are some polka dot scarves that come with stripes on them as well. Or wear just stripes and leave the polka dots behind! Stripes are personally my favorite because they’re simple and chic all at once.  Wear a red and white polka scarf with a bright red top, for a classy combination.


Are you a country girl or just a lover of the plaid pattern? Well you’re in luck; it’s the next on my list. Wear one with a long denim button down top, leggings and your cowgirl boots—how adorable!


For complete warmth, the knit scarf is number one way to go. This trend with buttons is great worn with turtle necks, tees, and sweaters. Find them with acrylic yarn for something less itchy and soft to the touch.

If you want something dressier yet still warm, try a lace scarf. You can wear them after winter is over too as a lariat, neck wrap, or shawl necklace.  Give this style a shot in mint green, it will make you stand out and looks amazing in the Spring and Summer.

The next pattern trend, the most appealing and attracting one, floral, comes in endless colors and patterns. Big or small, floral prints are beautiful to wear with any outfit. Carry it into the spring with you to wear with dresses and wear now with button down sweaters and a long necklace.

Who could forget about animal prints? This trend is ongoing and so much fun. Wear it during the day to keep warm and into the night for a trendy, mischievous look.

Lovely Leggings: A Couple Ground Rules to Keep you Looking Fabulous this Winter

Leggings (

Leggings are one of the most versatile clothing items a woman can wear. Wear them to work with boots, to yoga class, the gym, and even on a night out with the girls. I have never heard of any other clothing item that you can do this with. You definitely can’t with jeans, sweatpants, or flannel pajamas right? So let’s get down to some tips on how to wear  these amazing bottoms that create many enjoyable and comfortable outfits.

There are two ground rules to wearing leggings: use layers and wear boots. One look  I’ve heard is a no-no, would be the Ugg Boots. Wearing them with leggings is more of a comfort thing which should probably be left at home. But if it makes you happy wearing them out, by all means, go for it! Just make sure that you are wearing tops that are long enough. Short tops don’t really go along with leggings as they are stretchy. Jeans are better with shorter tops. And layer, layer, layer the tops for the most stylish look you can get.

Not sure what is good for layering? Layers can include but aren’t limited to, a scarf, a long tank top,

Leggings with long tops (

a tee-shirt, a button up, a tunic, a sweater, and a jacket. As for the boots, real or faux leather boots are absolutely adorable with a length of just below or anywhere from 2 to 4 inches below the knee. Above the knee boots are great too. Give them a try! It really does depend on what works for you as everyone is a different height.

Long Layered Tops (

Long Layered Tops (

A cute look with boots is above the knee socks underneath or leg warmers. They add a little something extra to your look and help keep you warmer in the winter. Do not wear ankle boots with leggings, just like the tops, the more length, the better, as there is not much to leggings but the skin tight material.

Be sure to wear thicker material, with a waistband and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra because the thinner and “cheaper” the material, the less time you’ll have to wear them because they’ll begin to get little holes everywhere very quickly. Leggings with patterns and colors are in and are beautiful to create fun outfits with. Just be sure to wear more solid tops with these.

Over the knee socks (

The less spandex, the better! You’ll want to be able to move around without having to worry about them being see-through. Especially if you’re wearing leggings to exercise.There aren’t really any limits to wearing leggings at the gym or your fitness or dance class, as this is an easygoing place to get in your workout, not a fashion show.

But the rest of the world is your own fashion show runway! So take these tips with you and you’ll look even more fabulous than you already do.