Monthly Archives: February 2018

Feeling Good is Everything

If you’re a woman who is inspired by or simply enjoys reading my blogs, I want to thank you. These blogs are for you and your confidence that no matter what you wear, you look great! If you feel like you’re not able to even think about wearing or buying the trends I talk about, no need to fret. I write this not only to help show what’s out there for trendy options, but for entertainment itself. Writing is my favorite and so is fashion, and if I can make someone laugh or feel happy after reading something I wrote, well that just makes my day.

Something else that makes my day is knowing when someone thinks my outfit, latest trend or not, looks good on me. I’m sure the same goes for you! Yesterday morning I just threw together my old boots, some black leggings, black skirt, scarf, cover up and a tank top underneath. This took little effort, and I wasn’t sure how up to date the look was, but it did look well put together.

Later in the day a patient at work, out of blue, told me she absolutely loved the way I dressed and how my outfit was put together. I was completely flattered, thanked her and went on to tell her I just sort of threw it together quickly. It was as though she didn’t believe it. She told me she wished she could just create beautiful and quick outfits like that for work too. I told her you just have to find some of your favorite things in your closet and pair them together.  After our conversation, I felt amazing and confident from her effort to compliment how I dressed.


That whole conversation inspired me to write this blog for you to let you know, sometimes just shopping in your closet for whatever you want to wear, despite the latest trends, is the best thing you can do. Get all your favorite accessories, clothes, and shoes out and see what you can mix and match. That’s exactly what I do and not only is it fun, it’s so satisfying to look in the mirror after putting them on.

All in all, I investigate the latest trends all the time and write about how amazing they are, but sometimes I don’t have the time to go out and get them for myself. If that sounds like you too, make your own fun like I do, shop in your closet! I bet you’ll discover all the marvelous clothing and accessories that you own. Happy closet shopping and remember, you look and ARE amazing. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to find out the next latest and greatest with you. Until next time!