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A Few Halloween Tidbits

halloweenThis is very random, but I have one question in mind today: are tidbits some kind of candy? I’m not sure myself, and to be honest I really don’t know what the latest and greatest candy and costumes are these days for kids. But I do know a few ‘fashion tidbits’ for you ladies out there for this year’s spooky Halloween parties with friends and family. If you want to dress comfortably and still be fashion forward, there are a few chic costumes besides the classic idea of dressing like a “clown” or wearing an extremely short dress. 

catdfFirst up to mention is Catwoman; a classic costume that has been around for many years. Here is what you need: a little black mask for the eyes, leather leggings and jacket, tall black boots, and black ears. Comfortable and sleek! Add a belt around the waist for “weapons” if you want to add more to the look.

sex-and-the-city-movie-all-girls-01If you’re going out with your group of friends, give Hollywood a try by dressing up as a group of girls from a movie or show. A couple ideas are Sex and the City, Girls, and Mean Girls. All of these groups, especially Sex and the City, dress pretty stylish and that’s all you guys will have to do. Make sure you stick together!

As we’re on the subject of celebs, has an article on Victoria Beckham as a ‘Corpse Bride’ because of her dark, smoky makeup. Her look overall is as if her face in sunken in, looking a bit scary. Poor Victoria, but good news for you as you can make this a quick and easy costume this Halloween. All you need besides the makeup is a black dress!

The Perfect Occasion for a Turtleneck

There’s a time and a place for everything, especially turtlenecks, one of the most versatile styles of the season. From morning till night, we all want that look that fits everything we want to do in one day, so try a turtleneck on for size and see for yourself.

The first occasion to mention is a relaxing brunch with a cropped turtleneck and some comfy high-rise pants. At the end of the day, pair a bright-colored turtleneck tucked into a mini skirt with a pair of wedges for a dinner party or night on the town.

Not staying in town with friends and family this week? Well, when traveling, comfort is essential especially since you expect to be sitting for a long time. For this occasion, pair a light cotton turtleneck with a long vest and dark denim jeans. Pair this outfit with a trendy bag and you’re good to go. At work, printed dress pants and a high-neck blouse go great together. You’ll easily be the best dressed one at the office meeting!


Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

On the 2nd of October my very best friend got married, which has inspired me to write my next blog on tips to finding your perfect wedding dress. After doing some research I have read that it’s important to figure out what your budget is, first thing, so that you don’t waste time trying on dresses that you would never wear on your wedding day. You will save not only time but give yourself the chance to look at amazing dresses that you could fall in love and have a chance with!

Time is of the essence, give yourself plenty of it! You need at least six to eight months  to get your dress; you don’t want to miss out on the specific style you’re looking for, especially if you’re a picky shopper. Custom gowns can take up to a year for alternations, especially ones that are heavily embellished. Think about the season and time of day you’re getting married. If it’s summer time, a bulky ballgown style wouldn’t be a good fit. Figure out which style is best for your body shape too, you want something flattering because when you know you look good, you feel good and it’s important feel confident on your special day.

Certain dress shops may be able to order in a specific brand or style that you’re looking at, so call ahead to give them some ideas. Some shops will require appointments to come in too, so keep that in mind. Consultants have a fresher mind early in the day so they’re more likely to give you more of their attention during that time span. Appointments on weekdays make it easier to shop because the weekends will be swamped with those who work Monday through Friday. If you do too, take vacation days to shop, it’s completely worth it, and almost like having the whole store to yourself.

When you think you’ve found the dress, read the dress contract carefully to be sure that you’ll have to correct style, color, delivery date, brand, and more. You don’t want to end up with the wrong dress! While trying on, bring the accessories you plan to wear on your special day to see if they mesh well with the dress. If you have to try to convince yourself that you like the dress, its probably not the one for you. You’ll know when you find it! That’s exactly how my best friend felt when she found her dress, and everyone agreed it was absolutely perfect for her. I hope these tips will help you find yours too if you’re a bride-to-be!

Picture One: My best friend Amanda and her new husband Chris. Mr. and Mrs. DiStaolo!

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Sneak Peak into Fall 2015

I absolutely adore wearing scarves, boots, hats, and watching the beautiful foliage, who else is with me? If you are, keep reading to find out how you can turn over your new leaf and join the fashion fun this fall 2015 season. To start, one of the main points in this blog is the over-sized, extra pointy collars, whether worn under a sweater or as a necklace. If you’re going to a dressy event this season, dresses with big collars are in too!

While dressing up this season, don’t forget to keep yourself warm! Pants worn under dresses are OK, you can contrast the colors or match perfectly. Either way, this is a unique trend that leaves room for many options; bring a shirt with you if you want to change towards the end of the day. Flats and boots with varying lengths of fur are here to help keep you warm too. 

Keep an eye out for some extraordinary boots that are perfect for cropped pants and skirts; mid-calf boots with chunky heels. Chunky, giant pockets have been seen on the runways on pencil skirts. They’re great for a brand new look and a way to carry more essential items with you when needed. These trends are emerging as fast as the leaves are turning so stayed tuned for more!