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A piece of advice for those new mommys out there

It has been known that being a new mother is exhausting, and the easiest thing to do is put yourself last. There is no time to even think of what you’re going to wear, leading to a “style rut.” Self esteem to look and feel good during the transition of becoming a mother is very important. Here are some tips keep yourself looking and feelings great at this time in your life.

The first thing to mention is avoid wearing maternity clothing at least 3 months after giving birth. While they may be your go to clothes at the moment because you rely on their comfort and accessibility, soon they’ll start to look and feel saggy, putting a damper on your once stylish wardrobe. By this time it’s time to buy some new clothes in your new size, if needed. Look for tops that don’t bunch to avoid adding fullness in your midsection.

Wear clothes such as wrap tops and dresses as they bring you cute, quick outfits when you’re on the go. Try jackets that button in the middle to show off your waist. You can find great comfort in a pair of high waisted cigarette pant or skinny jeans tucked into boots. This takes away any thickness at your waist, as you’ll draw attention to your legs and feet. Your tummy will be comfortable too, tucked and locked right into your pants. If you feel a little apprehensive about getting into the regular outfits again, you can always try shape-wear as it smoothes out your body and makes you appear 10 lbs lighter, allowing to wear the clothes that you want and put those maternity clothes away.

Don’t forget your shoes! And don’t get stuck in wearing sneakers for a fast slip on shoe either. Ballet flats, slipper-shoes, and flat boots are the best options for you as they look fantastic, and feel good. And what are you bringing with you for a diaper bag? Instead of the frumpy diaper bag, try a patent leather backpack or tote, with the diapers and wipes in a plastic zip-lock bag. It will look like a fashion-forward purse and you’ll not only feel back to your old, hip self, but you might just be the coolest mom around!

A Sneak Peek Into Spring

Although it may not seem like it, Spring weather is just around the corner. So are some fantastic new trends to look forward to. Let’s have a little sneak peak at what to expect when these winter blues go away and we can finally wear some warm colors.

The first trend to mention is the super soft, easy to love, suede. Get ready to find it in jackets, separates, and dresses, in taupe, lavender, and even bright purples and oranges. Stripes will be a big trend to look out for too. Vertical  stripes, to be exact, a little different from the traditional way we usual wear them which makes this look more interesting.

Something that’s not so surprising, the mesh trend, will be returning this Spring. It was around last Spring and Summer too, there’s just something about this easygoing fabric that’s hard to resist. Maybe the fact that it can be sophisticated and fun at the same time. Speaking of fun, get this, the buckle free belt will be in style–and that’s exactly what you’ll feel like, free, free of the hassle of belt buckles. Put it around anything from your suit jackets, vests, and of course any style pants.

Leather, silk, and feather-like tassels have hit the runway to

bring fringe into our wardrobe. Easy to handle, but hard to decide which one to wear! Another dazzling, dangling item is the long, thin scarf in many different patterns.






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A Couple Date Night Outfit Ideas

Date night is so much fun, but even more fun when we feel good with our chic and stylish outfits on! Here are some date night outfit ideas that will help you make your night one of a kind, no matter where you and your guy are going.

Well, if you don’t exactly know where he’s taking you, someplace casual or someplace totally romantic, here is the perfect outfit idea that’ll help you be ready for either one. Wear pastels, to be romantic, yet subtle. Try a semi-dressy pastel top with a pastel skirt. Be sure to add some jewelry to personalize your look. And voila, you’re ready for anything!

Not only do you want to be ready for anything, but feeling confident is just as important. If your night is not so much a mystery, wear a brightly colored piece to show off your vibrance and that flare you’re feeling inside. You’re probably super excited for date night, so show him that with a splash of color. A bright pink skirt, a bright green shirt, or even bright accessories will do the trick.

Speaking of accessories, if you are going on a first date get rid of those awkward silences by wearing conversation-starting-pieces. It could be anything, a bracelet, scarf, headband, ring, anything that’s special to you and that you have history with. Maybe your scarf was handmade in Italy by your grandmother, or your ring is your mom’s from when she was your age. Things like that will surely spark up  conversation and give you reasons to love your outfit even more!



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