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Go Big or Go Home

Go big or go home is certainly the best way to describe the bold styles of winter coats this season, all from the length, to the shape and color. Long coats are hitting it big this year in a practical yet stylish way. Lets take a look at whats in store:

A must-buy is the oversized trench coat with large, puffed sleeves, which are absolutely adorable with their patterned sleeve caps and collars. Ever heard of a Maxi coat? Well this really could be any kind of oversized coat, but this one oddly only lets footwear to be seen when buttoned up. They might be too long for ladies under 5’4, however, so you may need to get it hemmed.

If you’re a pink lady, you’ll be excited to know that there’s actually a ‘hot-pink coat.’ It is an oversized, long, hot pink trench coat that just screams bold and makes you look super fancy. Try them with a black outfit and you’ll leave your house looking sleek! Cape jackets, with no sleeves, are easy to just slide right on and help if you want to wear something heavier underneath them. And the best part? You can move your arms while driving and walking around.

Believe it or not, there is a blanket coat out there with blanket silhouette and fringing to go along. There are endless patterns that these come in, but I’d have to favorite the checkered. There is something about a warm coat feeling like a blanket and being able to button it up at the same time!

Have you heard of the wrap coat? It is amazingly comfortable! If I could describe it the best way, I would say picture a bathrobe, but with collars and in any thick and warm material suitable for the winter weather. I believe any of these coats are suitable for winter and hope all of you get to take advantage of at least one of them this year.


Natural Alternatives

These days many have realized what is slowly destroying our planet and causing our own harm, therefore are using as many natural products as possible, including clothing. Harmful, man-made products are made directly from chemicals, which include heavy metals, flame retardants, ammonia, and formaldehyde ( ) to make materials such as rayon, polyester, and acrylic, materials we wear everyday without even realizing. Certain dyes in denim are linked to causing cancer. Antibacterial fabrics and workout gear, are also linked to cancers and ironically, obesity.

 Natural and better-for-the-earth alternatives are cotton, silk, and wool; which come to us without harm to anything, from the slimy silkworm cocoon, to the fluffy, friendly sheep. The only difference you would realize is how you’re helping the planet. With that being said, this winter will bring plenty of chances to wear some warm, cozy, adorable sweaters made of natural materials. Wool is one of my favorites because its warms you up the quickest, it seems that way, at least. All natural, 100% cotton; need I say more? There truly is nothing better than a fresh and clean cotton shirt.

Be on the look out for the lovely camel hair and angora as well as four plant fibers, cotton, flax, hemp, and jute. ( And don’t worry, unlike other options fur coats and scarves, the camels are not harmed in the making. If you like leather, this next one is for you! Rather than using harsh chemicals, vegetable-tanner is used for leather made from vegetables and tree bark along with other plants in the mix. Another mix, from mushroom caps called Muskin, and Pinatex, from pineapples, is also making its way into the world of leather. (

Keep in mind that you can find any of your fashion favorites naturally; dressy work wear, tank tops, leggings, skirts, and bathing suits. You can bring this trend with you all year round! There is no limit, as you don’t have to sacrifice fashion to help make this world a better place. 😉 Some clothing lines make recycled clothing too, from cotton scraps to plastic bags. The cotton scraps from previously used items are brought together to be reused for your new cotton Tee and even socks, instead of getting tossed in the trash and polluting. We could even save some cute sea animals by wearing recycled plastic bag items.

Now, of course you’re not a bad fashionista for not using ALL natural clothing, but the more you add to your wardrobe, the better affect it can have on almost everyone around you. The hope is that wearing these clothing materials will significantly reduce the amount of harm done in the end.

I Betcha Never Tried This. . . .

Hello again! I am just so excited to get my ideas out there about how to use items for, well, what they’re not normally used for! The first one I want to mention is the bathing suit cover. They are meant to be comfortable and look cute, so why not wear them as a top with leggings or shorts? Most of the time they are see through so you would just wear any shirt underneath, tank tops are especially great.

The next one is the dress! Today, I’m actually wearing a dress as a skirt. I put on one of my favorite sweaters with a couple layered tanks underneath the sweater and just let my dress go to my desired length, right from under my shirts. It’s SO comfortable and makes it easy to mix and match outfits dresses and your favorite tops. Right now, one of the most popular trends is the high-waisted pants, shorts, etc. If you’ve got a skirt that’s much too long for you, just pull it up over your bellybutton and tuck in a nice top with it. Or wear it with the shirt out, whichever you prefer! You could even wear it in the summer as just a dress, how cool is that?

Now I know summer is slowly coming to an end, but we still may a few hot days left. But if you put your jeans away already, just roll up the bottom of your jeans and you have instant capris or just a way to let some cool air in. If you want more, you can carefully cut some holes in your jeans too, which sounds funny to some, but holy jeans are definitely a trend right now.

Say you’re getting ready for work and all of your dressy clothes are in the laundry, well there is something you can do to spruce up your casual tee! Just add a nice scarf and tie it in the front for a neat and clean look. As long as you’re wearing dressy pants and shoes, you can’t even tell the difference! Scarves are great at dressing anything up. Small ones can even be used for a nice headband if you’re trying to keep those bangs back style your hair. Drape them down near your skirt for an add on to spice up your outfit. You can tie them around your waist and use them as a nice belt if needed. How nice is it that scarves can help solve so much? Hopefully these tricks can help smooth out any of your fashion emergencies!

Right now, one of the most popular trends is the high-waisted pants, shorts, etc. If you’ve got a skirt that’s much too long for you, just pull it up over your bellybutton and tuck in a nice top with it. Or wear it with the shirt out, whichever you prefer! You could even wear it in the summer as just a dress, how cool is that?

Beat The 2019 Heat

Are you keeping cool this summer? It has been a hot one for sure, but luckily there are a few tricks of the trade to beat the heat. A few years back, maxi dresses were the thing to wear in the summer and they’re making a come-back. They’re easy to wear and fun to show off with either sandals or even cowgirl boots.

Short-shorts are the way to go to definitely stay and look cool. All summer, I’ve seen probably hundreds of ladies wearing these for casual dates, nights out on the town. or just a lazy, sunny, picnic day. Ironically, shorter shirts are in too, especially paired with the short-shorts. Longer shirts are too! The longer shirts are adorable worn with just a bralette underneath, which is good news for those who may not like shirts above the belly button.

With all these cool outfit ideas, you definitely need some nice shoes to go along. One of the most popular shoe trends now is the very strappy, rubber sandal. Not only are they comfy, but they’ll keep your feet from sliding around and you won’t have to worry about your straps breaking. Another one is the flat tennis shoe, that you don’t even have to tie. Just slide ’em right on and you’re good to go.

These shoes aren’t the only super comfy trend, leggings and biker shorts are being warn quite often, some with quite the variety too. You can find them in neon colors, animal print. stripes, any pattern you can think of. Some come with printed waist-bands, see-through mesh as part of the legs, lace-up front as well as laced trimmed hems.

The most fun part of these trends is mixing them all together; maxi-dresses with tennis shoes, lace-hemmed leggings with a short shirt, biker shorts with a longer shirt, or short-shorts with some happy, strappy sandals!

Easy Fashion

We all love things in life that simplify and eliminate any extra, unwanted steps. I recently thought maybe there are some fashion shortcuts that make getting dressed in the morning, easier. Fashion hacks are the best kept secrets around and I’m going to let you in on them today. Having staple, good quality items in your wardrobe, make your clothes go a long way. By this, I mean have the perfect pair of jeans, a good sized white, plain tee-shirt and a set of multiple colors of tee’s. These items may be simple, which is what we want, but they can go with basically any item. Paired with the right accessory, they can really go a long way, as an easy way to still stay stylish, with little effort. Wear the shirts with a scarf, long necklace, jean jacket, or button up sweater.

Although these staples are great, over time we may find that certain items don’t fit the right way. But no need to spend money on more, all you need is a good tailor. They can bring your items from the wrong size, to a high-end-looking, beautiful piece. Items that you paid a lot for will finally serve their purpose.

But what if you completely hate how an item looked all together but hated the thought of returning it, just turn it into something else! What I mean is. by a little cutting, reshaping, and sewing, you can turn a shirt into a skirt or as pair of pants into a top! No matter the pattern or fabric, you can use your imagination to create things you 100% love.

If you’re low on workpants for the week, did you know you can where yoga pants instead? Well maybe you’re not exactly allowed to, but if you give it a try, you will love it. No one will know and you will feel extra comfortable. Yoga pants can be thinner and see-through too, so what you need to do is where a pair of black leggings underneath them. That way they look and feel thicker, giving the illusion of black dress pants. Just be sure to pull up the colorful waistband so no one can see it and where a longer shirt to cover the fact that you wont have a zipper.

Speaking of covering up, if you’re feeling uncomfortable about your stomach, (even though you’re beautiful any way, shape, or form), light scarves and kimonos are super comfy and go with just about anything to help the illusion of a slimmer midsection.

Hopefully these small tips can help you can take it easy in this hustle and bustle world we live in!

Fanny Pack Comeback

Once a taboo accessory reserved for tourist attire, the fanny pack has successfully staged a comeback and is now cooler than ever. From runways to the street style scene and the best dressed models off-duty, the ’90s staple is having the ultimate revival! (

Why I haven’t written about this exciting news, is beyond me, but I have recently noticed them so much and find them absolutely adorable! If you’re lucky enough to have your fanny pack from back in the school days, then you’re in luck. But you also can’t hate on the newest styles coming out right now. The greatest part about fanny packs, I feel, Is you can even wear them in the office with your dressy attire! Those boss ladies who have more than one phone at work and other smaller accessories needed, really give the fanny pack the ultimate job! Forget pockets and making your pants look bulky.

It’s called a “bum bag” in the UK and is also known in the US as “waist bags.” But they can go around your shoulder, if you’d rather wear them like a purse instead. You can find them in any of your favorite store or purse brands, color, or material. They are allowed planes and not considered an extra carry on bag, so if you’re a traveler or on vacation, this is great news for you and your little essentials.

Have you ever lost your wallet, phone, or keys, and they’re not in your purse? That situation sounds all to familiar for me. So I have to say the best thing about the fanny pack is that you will not lose something that’s literally attached to your waist! For the moms & stepmoms out there who have little ones attached to the waist; they really make it easy to keep track of everything, and that is much needed during busy days of appointments, school functions, and running around the playground.

From the ’90s to now, so much has changed, however, the need for something convientent & small to put your important items in, has always been there. I feel its a great go-to item for pretty much any lifestyle. So check them out if you never have! Your fanny will thank you. 😉

Wedding Dress Trends

Hello there! I’m so excited to say that I have said ‘yes to the dress’ for my wedding in October! Looking at so many different dresses has helped me to learn the current wedding dress favorites for recent brides. There is so much variety out there, from tiaras to capes, plunging necklines, to laced up fronts right up to the neck. No matter what they all carry a unique sense of beauty, elegance, and even some drama. Lace is a huge, trend for wedding dresses right now, especially with lace sleeves, chiffon or sheath with lace on the dress, or completely made of lace all together. Sparkle, sort of the opposite of lace, is glitzing up the aisles. The fun thing is that lace and sparkle or ‘bling’ jewels, look great together!

Are you picturing all of this in white like I am? Well, slightly off-white colors are making their debut. Soft blush, champagne, taupe, off-white, pink and red are many colors that I have seen on the racks. It might sound crazy to some, but they’re subtle and look classy. They can help your bridesmaids match you more, color wise, if that’s what you want. You can also add a colored silk band across the lower chest area to add pop of color to any white dress. Bling bling, that I mentioned before, also known as small jewels on the fabric, is huge in the world of wedding dresses. You can find it on belts, waistbands, tiaras, and all over the piece, and is especially common decked out all over the top of the dress.

Bling that I mentioned before, also known as small jewels on the fabric, is huge in the world of wedding dresses. You can find it on belts, waistbands, tiaras, and all over the piece, and is especially common decked out all over the top of the dress.

Everyone reading this might like the color ideas or they may not, but either way there is a huge variety of dress styles for every body shape. To jump right into the silhouettes, there is Sheath, an all together flowy dress with no specific shape in normally a soft, light weight, and silk-like material. A-line dresses stay tighter at the top and then flow right down into a thicker, more heavy bottom, that is basically shaped like the capitol letter ‘A.’ Ball gowns are similar to the A-lines, except at the bottom, “puffy” and much more filled out, is how you could describe them. Mermaid dresses are fitted on the body all the way down to at least the hips or a bit above the knees and then flare out at the bottom. The Trumpet style dress is very similar to the Mermaid, except the bottom is more filled out. High-low styles can also be found too, which help show off your shoes if that’s what you’re aiming for.

All these styles and colors, so what about sleeves? I mentioned long lacey sleeves but short sleeves with lace are great too. Strapless, especially with a sweetheart neckline is very common. So are “tank” sleeves, cap sleeves, spaghetti straps, and halter; which is tighter around the neck. If you’re planning on getting married, are engaged, or just love fashion, I hope this information has broadened your horizons when it comes to weddings!

A Naturally Colorful Winter

To show you more of what to expect this winter, here’s some chatter about natural and fancy colors, too!

Lets start with some neutrals! They are a great way to pull an outfit together as a base color. One recent, popular neutral is brown. It brings a variety of options for colors, it’s like having a blank  canvas that you can paint anything you want. Just like navy or black, brown can round up a look and with bright colors such as yellow and reds; you can create a beautiful combo. Earthy brown, brown on brown, with varied textures and materials make any outfit great. So can layering, as over layering is a way to keep warm and naturally protect ourselves from the elements. Layering a transparent shirt under a spaghetti strap dress, for example, is a look that many have pulled off.

If you don’t want to layer with a scarf, you can get away with a turtleneck in so many different knits than just cable, such as twist knit, cashmere, and techno stitch. Besides turtle necks there’s a variety of many different sophisticated and contemporary knitwear to choose from, such as a V-neck or plunging neck line. Those styles and knits are shown in the picture here, check it out!

For more sophistication coming your way, there exists the mid-calf boots in not-so-outdoorsy, patent leather with a high gloss finish. I love the slouchy styles that have split in the middle, like cowgirl boots.

To spice things up bold accent jewelry and gemstones are the way to go. They brighten up and add more sparkle to any outfit. You would think this would be for the summer, but nope, you can pair your brown sweaters with any brilliant color such as red, orange, and even green!








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New Year, New Trends

So far, 2019 has a lot of interesting fashion trends coming our way. The first I’d like to mention is the 1980’s all-time fabulous shoulder pad. Yes, I said it; shoulder pads are IN, under your shirts and ready to pop those shoulders right up. If you want to be really fancy like the ladies wearing these shoulder-padded shirts, try some faux fur jackets on for size. They keep you warm all over, without harming any innocent animals.

Speaking of animals, animal print is still going strong. Floral is revamped with brighter, sassier patterns on just about anything from your head to your toes, especially in scarves. Scarves are beautiful and creative in banana patterns as they look like you took a giant banana and made it a fashion statement around your neck! Another pattern to try is checkered, for your jackets and tops.

Jackets are padded all over this season; not just in your shoulders. The best part about that is they are just about as warming as the faux fur. To keep warm and keep up with the last fashion, layering and even just the illusion that you’re layering is the way to go. Especially for work, you can dress up in layers every day. Contemporary parkas are here to stay and you can layer under them with no problem. Wearing layers and keep your parka open with your favorite patterned scarf is the perfect strut into the New Year.


Simple Christmas & New Year Fashion – Happy Holidays!

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the stores

Were green and red sweaters and so much more

There were tall boots in brown suede and black leather

That all go with leggings like birds to a feather

Shiny gold tunics are a go-to as well

So are long necklaces; they look just swell

Sequins are here for you to shout

And let you sparkle, shine, and stand out

That’s a little hint for you to treat yourself

To a new outfit this year or maybe get one from Santa’s elf

Whatever the case, may you feel confident and free

To adore the mirror’s reflection you see


I hope you’ve all enjoyed my blogs this year! I have so much fun writing about the latest and greatest, just for you. I’m excited to see what the New Year will bring; from colors to styles and everything in between. The year 2019 is a blank slate and full of so much opportunity to embrace new looks and try things you never, ever have before.  There is so much to talk about already, and I cannot express enough how very unique and beautiful the colors and styles are. You sure are in for a treat, fashionistas!

My poem gives you a snapshot of the Christmas fashion trends that are out right now. Sparkle and shine are definitely a major trend this holiday season, along with tall boots to keep you warm. Long tunics with and long necklaces, especially in gold, are so pretty for this season. The best thing is leggings, boots, and tunics, are such an easy and very comfortable outfit to put together. You’d be the most comfy in the room. Hopefully you wouldn’t fall asleep near the fire! (LOL)

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year! I will be back in just a couple of days for a new fashion update; I can’t wait! Enjoy, ladies!