One of the most popular trend this season is the Romper, the one piece wonder. It’s different from the usual tank or tee worn with shorts, capris, or even skirts. Dresses are fun, but what about a pair of shorts for the bottom instead? They’re all about versatility, as they come in many different styles including off the shoulder, sleeveless, floral, polka dots, or even stripes. It can be worn long or short and always has a way of keeping you cool. They sure do have a way of helping you look cool too, or if you want to look sophisticated, you can certainly find that too. For that sophisticated look, try dressy materials like silk and satin. Even a little lace and darker color will add a touch of elegance.

There are even some that look like dresses in disguise with the security of shorts underneath, of course. That sounds pretty comfortable if you ask me! Comfort is key when it comes to picking the right one for you. Taller women should go for the longer lengths, while petite women should go above the knee. A good fit to for any body is loose and flowing, while cinching the waistline. No matter what body shape, height, or age, however, any woman will be able to find a romper that suits her perfectly. Be sure to try to on several different pieces to see what you like best.

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