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Winter Fashion Do’s and Don’ts 2016

As you have read in my previous blogs, I’ve gone over some super exciting and beautiful  trends for this season, however, there is always a set of rules that ruins anything fun, right? Well, just kidding, these do’s and don’ts you are about to read are actually going to help you set up your outfits with enthusiastic colors, prints, and styles, so you can have more fun than ever during those cold and windy winter days.

Do overdo it this winter with over-sized coats and sweaters, a fur vest, a knee length skirt, and knee high boots. These ‘wow’ items will add some spice to your wardrobe and last all season as they can be used in just about any outfit. Red and white leather jackets are two do’s after seen on the runway several times.

Be daring with colors and patterns, add some lengths you’ve never tried before. Do always add a wow piece as mentioned above when in doubt to set that outfit on fire, well, hopefully not literally. But you will feel extra warm this season if you try this Do layering fashion statement: a leather jacket over a sweatshirt, and a long coat over the leather jacket. You’ll still feel just as hot as you remove your layers with your daring leather jacket and sweatshirt on. As far as boots for keeping warm, do let your socks show while wearing leggings and mid length or low boots.

Don’t let those white clothing items retire after Labor Day. They’re all over the runway with accessories, coats, hats, and sweaters. Don’t forget about those skirts and dresses either this season, they can pulled together nicely with the right jacket, leggings/tights, and boots. Don’t forget to wear these outfits with bright colors and patterns. Just because its dark outside doesn’t mean you should be stuck with only dark color options. This season is all about change, being bold, and trying new things. So go ahead and Do just that, you will feel like a new woman from the inside out.

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Staying Cool with Sweaters this Winter

If you want to look cool but feel warm and cozy all at once this winter, your best option is to stick with a sweater. The best thing is, there are so many styles to choose from. The first one I will mention is stripes with polka-dots in between the lines. This sounds funny but is seriously everywhere. Its usually found in lighter cotton materials with a high neckline. In fact, high neck lines are the latest thing this season.

Why not spice things up a bit with some sparkle? If you like sequence, you are in luck. This year brings sequence fun to sweaters in many different patterns. This blue sweater for example shows a pattern of sequence, material, sequence.

Speaking of patterns, there is also block color patterns trending right now. Some are bright and some are just right. And some have colors that you never thought you’d put together. But did you ever think you would wear a sweater with fur on the bottom of the sleeves? Maybe this year you will. In a neutral color with matching fur, a fuzzy sleeved sweater would look super cute with your favorite jeans and some boots. But half sleeve sweaters; they don’t sound that warm, do they? They are though, and are extremely comfortable and adorable. They’re adorable as a high-waisted style as well as ones with jewel and embroidery at the neckline as a ‘fake necklace.’ There is nothing fake, however, as to how comfortable these styles really are.

Sweatpants for Dinner

When it comes to getting dressed up for dinners with friends or family, you can either try to impress them with your stylish dress or go with the mind-set that no matter what you wear, they’ll love you anyways. And before dinner maybe you already had busy, long day. So, why not get comfortable and reach for that extra glass of wine or piece of cake. Sweatpants, believe it or not, is key to putting together comfy, yet stylish dinner outfits.

If you really don’t feel like getting dressed for dinner, go for an of the shoulder sweatshirt with a pair of skinny sweatpants. The least bit of effort can be made with a bit more dressy outfit with cashmere sweatpants, loafers, a long sleeve shirt, and a blazer to top it off.  You will be looking sharp but feeling so relaxed and probably more comfortable than half the table, unless you share these ideas with them.

Let’s say too comfortable at dinners actually makes you feel just the opposite. Leather jogging pants, long earrings, a loose, dressier blouse, and heels, is probably the best outfit for you in this category of sweats. You will feel so cozy in the joggers, which are basically light material sweatpants with a scrunchy style at the bottom near your ankles. If your style is unique and daring, try sequence joggers with heels and a plaid shirt to show off your style and how you really feel about getting dressed up for dinner.


Get Trendy with Last Year

Let’s talk about the newest major fashion trends so far this year. Keep in mind that just because we’re talking new trends, doesn’t mean we have to completely throw last year’s wardrobe out. That would be like throwing your money in the garbage. This is a smart woman’s guide to using last year’s trends with this year’s new ones. Stripes, one of last year’s major trends, is still around. To create an instant upgrade with this one, try a matching striped scarf to go with it. It’s so cute, petite and adds a unique touch. Jeans with boots pulled over the knees has now turned into a mini skirt with these boots in suede material.

Last year statement scarves, a printed scarf with all the colors in your outfit to pull it all together, was popular in silk. This year wear it with a low v-neck shirt. A trend that isn’t so much for matching, boyfriend jeans and a blouse that don’t quite go together perfectly, was popular last year with flats. This year, try those same jeans with a matching or similar jacket and a mock-neck shirt underneath.

The neutral-colored pencil skirt from last year still takes stage with a slit down the side and a printed, large-sized clutch. Very chic and put together with heeled sandals and a neutral-colored shirt tucked into it. Pieces, such as an over-sized sweater and scarves in camel and cream colors, broken up with denim jeans were trendy last year. This year those colors still come in handy with dressy pants such as khakis.

Be Unforgettable with a Beanie

The beanie is one the most popular hat styles of all during the winter, but did you know that it is the most versatile? Here are some ways to wear it this season that you may have never thought to before. Match it with a blazer, jeans, and a silky scarf for a casual, everyday look. Mix your patterns, such as plaid or paisley, with a pop of color; a bright beanie to stir it all up.

A grey or blue beanie paired with a matching hue sweater is perfect for the weekend and will look super sleek. You don’t always need to be casual with beanies, they also go great with a skirt and some sandals, believe it or not. A classic look, black and white, never fails with a matching beanie in either color.

If you’re dressed up from scarf to toe, a beanie will spice things up a bit by being the unique piece in your outfit. Adding netting to a beanie with a dressy outfit, such as a long skirt and overcoat will give you a unique, whimsical look that no one will forget. And nothing is better than being unforgettable.


Colouring inside the simple lines

Stormy Weather

If you want to get filled in with the fall/winter 2015-2016 color trend news, keep reading on. We are busy women with jobs, kids, and many other obligations in life that are sometimes complicated and hard to deal with. To help us feel better, sometimes retail therapy is on the list of remedies. As a customer, you may find yourself looking for something simple and comfortable, something not so abstract and all over the place, something just to make you feel warm and happy. Luckily, this season is filled with simple, balanced, and down to earth color tones, to do just that.

According to the Pantone Colour Institute, there are a few main hues that are a constant throughout the color group. A constant, never-changing concept, how wonderful! As you’re shopping for those comfy sweaters or warm pants and boots, keep the following colors in mind and you will avoid all complicated matters such as trying to match pants to shirts or jackets to skirts.

Stormy weather, a constant and dependable shade, carries a constant blue-gray. It’s perfect for the professional woman who wants her wardrobe to reflect her inner strength that she will overcome any obstacle. Dried Herb, an olive green hue, brings a cool undertone to any outfit as its organic side reminds us of healthy activities, such as eating our veggies and exercising, which help us to really get back to ourselves and remembering to put our health first.

The soft pink shade, Cashmere Rose is probably the most chic of all, this season. This color’s appearance is said to look far away from noise and air pollution. So if you’re looking to get away from the pollution in your life, you can at least feel like you have from wearing this amazing, frosty color.

On the other side of the spectrum, is a darker blue called Reflecting Pond. This intriguing but put together shade brings a calming mood as it is can go with any color you’d like, making you feel comfortable and beautiful. A warm shade, that may go nicely with this one is Oak Buff, the color of sunshine rays. Look for it in dressy clothes for work, for a sense of reassurance that there are calm, relaxing days ahead.

Amethyst Orchid, the combination of a jewel and a flower brings to us calmness and sensuality. Along with all of these colors is the classic Timeless Black. Black will never go out of style and is always there to match anything you have while offering a slimming illusion if you want. Dark or light, these colors all bring something special to our lives and divvy up those winter blues.


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