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One of the most popular trend this season is the Romper, the one piece wonder. It’s different from the usual tank or tee worn with shorts, capris, or even skirts. Dresses are fun, but what about a pair of shorts for the bottom instead? They’re all about versatility, as they come in many different styles including off the shoulder, sleeveless, floral, polka dots, or even stripes. It can be worn long or short and always has a way of keeping you cool. They sure do have a way of helping you look cool too, or if you want to look sophisticated, you can certainly find that too. For that sophisticated look, try dressy materials like silk and satin. Even a little lace and darker color will add a touch of elegance.

There are even some that look like dresses in disguise with the security of shorts underneath, of course. That sounds pretty comfortable if you ask me! Comfort is key when it comes to picking the right one for you. Taller women should go for the longer lengths, while petite women should go above the knee. A good fit to for any body is loose and flowing, while cinching the waistline. No matter what body shape, height, or age, however, any woman will be able to find a romper that suits her perfectly. Be sure to try to on several different pieces to see what you like best.

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You are Your Own Perfect

No one is perfect, that’s for sure. And that’s perfectly okay, of course! I dug up some dirt on fashion no-no’s that we might wear on a daily basis, that can easily be avoided. Just a few tweaks and turns can be made to make you look and feel more ‘lightweight’ without the heaviness of certain details. One thing is for sure; your wallet might feel more lightweight, but there always a way to save that cash too.

First things, first; accessories are a must! They help to accentuate an outfit and add color and dimension. But we must avoid wearing too many pieces. If you have one statement necklace that stands out, that’s all you really need. Small earrings and one bracelet will do. If you go big on one thing, go small on the rest. When it comes to accessories, jewelry is the most popular choice. Some have trouble choosing whether or not to mix silver and gold, but guess what, mix away. Mixing them together is perfectly fine and looks adorable and some jewelry even comes with both together already.

When it comes to fabric, invest a little more than you normally would for the basics, if you don’t already. That way you’ll end up saving in the end, as they’ll last season after season and you won’t have to buy more each year. High quality looks better overall as the material lasts longer.  Examples of the basics are the usual summer tee shirts or a cashmere sweater for the winter. After getting your high quality basics, you’ll notice a lot of the materials will need ‘Dry Clean Only.’ Well just because they’re high qual, doesn’t mean they always need high maintenance. Many fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, and rayon actually prefer to be hand-washed.

While wearing your favorite clothes, don’t worry about being too ‘matchy-matchy’ as exact colors and patterns aren’t necessary. This can be time consuming and appears tacky. Look for complimentary pieces instead to let the colors go with the flow. Another thing you don’t want to overflow is the number of trends you wear at once. Piling them on is a fashion no-no, for the same reason as matchy-matching. Plus, spreading out the days to wear them is fun and you could be fashion forward in a new way just about every day!

There’s also nothing wrong with being a tall woman. Too many say they don’t want to look too tall in heels. One should embrace the height and realize it’s a part of their true beauty. Plus heels look amazing with any material. I’m sure any of you ladies reading this look amazing in anything you want to wear. While there’s no right or wrong in wanting to wear something a certain way, I sincerely hope this blog helps you make any alterations you’d like, to feel even more beautiful.

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