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Trends for Winter 2018

Today I am exploring some of the up and coming trends for winter 2017. One trend that really surprised me was the 80’s comeback and how luxurious it looks with the fancy fabrics to put a new touch on the neon colors and puffy shoulders. Can you picture that? It seems as though 80’s fashion will never be there same; in a good way of course.

Patent leather is here too, with a bang. From the shoes to the pants to the jacket, get used to seeing your lady pals with shiny, beautiful material that stands out fast. Another unique material that made it out this year is velvet. It’s everywhere, even purses have it.

It turns out the puffer jacket is finally cool. Instead of just the usual down feathers and winter savvy details, you will find it with less gadgets in metallic materials to give a more versatile wear. Perhaps a night out on the town or a football game with friends, the puffer will have you covered and looking good. But if you’re looking for something a bit more neutral, the over sized navy (military) coat is probably your number one choice. No matter what you choose, you’re guaranteed to be warm and cozy this season.


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Not the Kind of Skirt you use for the Christmas Tree

Hey everyone! Christmas is here and it’s time to celebrate. We know that involves figuring out what to wear, so let’s get right to it. Holiday skirts are easy to wear with their comfort and versatility. The sequin skirt never goes out of style and you have to love flannels this time of year, so why not put them together? No, seriously they are adorable together with a white sweater and red heels to break up the dressy and casual touch of this outfit. If you’re feeling the sequen is too bold, black sequen skirts will hold that back for you.

If sequen is too bold for your flannel shirt, try a summer skirt instead with heels to keep it dressy. If the weather’s too cold for heels, knee high boots or ankle boots with stockings are fabulous choices. Ankle boots are absolutely perfect with A-line skirts, which are great for any body type and can add a nice touch to any top, whether it be sequin, button up, or an even a Christmas sweater.

A midi skirt is perfect in gold for the season and pairs magnificantly with a black top and big necklace. And I can’t even begin to tell you how great black heels go with them. But now you know! Sequin skirts that I first mentioned, (which I’m so excited about) can really be worn in any color or style. They’re also amazing when paired with a black top. But try this with a black jacket to go along. Ankle boots, a long necklace, and a black handbag complete this look perfectly.

The most exciting thing of all is that you can take each and any of these peices from this blog and pair them together to make outfit after outfit. Write all these pieces down, mix them up and pick from a hat, and just do it. You’ll be glad you did when you’re the most stunning woman in the room at that Holiday party! (wink face)

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