Monthly Archives: April 2018

Let’s talk Spring Scarves

There’s nothing like a light scarf to compliment a beautiful spring outfit because of their variety of colors and patterns.

Country floral is my favorite spring scarf pattern and goes so nicely with a white tee-shirt, if you like country chic style like me. Speaking of white, there’s nothing wrong with a plain white scarf to create a crisp and clean look. To add more variety however, polka dots, floral, and any other abstract can add the perfect amount of flair. Besides the thousands of patterns, they also have tassels and fringe hanging off the end too!

The Jersey scarf, with heavier material, is a good choice for the unexpected chilly days. My second favorite, the oversized scarf, great for draping over the shoulders, is sure to keep you warm and gives a dressier look for colder nights.

I have a ton of light spring scarfs from years ago and they still keep up with what I’m looking for in dressing up my outfits, especially for work. They help me feel good by being that extra accessory that makes you look well put together. These spring scarves really do make a world of a difference by adding, what I would call, fun sophistication. They bring compliments on your outfits from many and that gives an amazing confidence boost. Its amazing what one piece can do to a whole outfit. Give the scarves a shot this season; you only miss the shots you don’t take. 😉