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I Betcha Never Tried This. . . .

Hello again! I am just so excited to get my ideas out there about how to use items for, well, what they’re not normally used for! The first one I want to mention is the bathing suit cover. They are meant to be comfortable and look cute, so why not wear them as a top with leggings or shorts? Most of the time they are see through so you would just wear any shirt underneath, tank tops are especially great.

The next one is the dress! Today, I’m actually wearing a dress as a skirt. I put on one of my favorite sweaters with a couple layered tanks underneath the sweater and just let my dress go to my desired length, right from under my shirts. It’s SO comfortable and makes it easy to mix and match outfits dresses and your favorite tops. Right now, one of the most popular trends is the high-waisted pants, shorts, etc. If you’ve got a skirt that’s much too long for you, just pull it up over your bellybutton and tuck in a nice top with it. Or wear it with the shirt out, whichever you prefer! You could even wear it in the summer as just a dress, how cool is that?

Now I know summer is slowly coming to an end, but we still may a few hot days left. But if you put your jeans away already, just roll up the bottom of your jeans and you have instant capris or just a way to let some cool air in. If you want more, you can carefully cut some holes in your jeans too, which sounds funny to some, but holy jeans are definitely a trend right now.

Say you’re getting ready for work and all of your dressy clothes are in the laundry, well there is something you can do to spruce up your casual tee! Just add a nice scarf and tie it in the front for a neat and clean look. As long as you’re wearing dressy pants and shoes, you can’t even tell the difference! Scarves are great at dressing anything up. Small ones can even be used for a nice headband if you’re trying to keep those bangs back style your hair. Drape them down near your skirt for an add on to spice up your outfit. You can tie them around your waist and use them as a nice belt if needed. How nice is it that scarves can help solve so much? Hopefully these tricks can help smooth out any of your fashion emergencies!

Right now, one of the most popular trends is the high-waisted pants, shorts, etc. If you’ve got a skirt that’s much too long for you, just pull it up over your bellybutton and tuck in a nice top with it. Or wear it with the shirt out, whichever you prefer! You could even wear it in the summer as just a dress, how cool is that?

Beat The 2019 Heat

Are you keeping cool this summer? It has been a hot one for sure, but luckily there are a few tricks of the trade to beat the heat. A few years back, maxi dresses were the thing to wear in the summer and they’re making a come-back. They’re easy to wear and fun to show off with either sandals or even cowgirl boots.

Short-shorts are the way to go to definitely stay and look cool. All summer, I’ve seen probably hundreds of ladies wearing these for casual dates, nights out on the town. or just a lazy, sunny, picnic day. Ironically, shorter shirts are in too, especially paired with the short-shorts. Longer shirts are too! The longer shirts are adorable worn with just a bralette underneath, which is good news for those who may not like shirts above the belly button.

With all these cool outfit ideas, you definitely need some nice shoes to go along. One of the most popular shoe trends now is the very strappy, rubber sandal. Not only are they comfy, but they’ll keep your feet from sliding around and you won’t have to worry about your straps breaking. Another one is the flat tennis shoe, that you don’t even have to tie. Just slide ’em right on and you’re good to go.

These shoes aren’t the only super comfy trend, leggings and biker shorts are being warn quite often, some with quite the variety too. You can find them in neon colors, animal print. stripes, any pattern you can think of. Some come with printed waist-bands, see-through mesh as part of the legs, lace-up front as well as laced trimmed hems.

The most fun part of these trends is mixing them all together; maxi-dresses with tennis shoes, lace-hemmed leggings with a short shirt, biker shorts with a longer shirt, or short-shorts with some happy, strappy sandals!