Monthly Archives: May 2017

An Eye for Sunglasses

Do you have an eye for sunglasses? How about a cat eye? Cat eye sunglasses are a major hit this summer/spring season for sure. These sunglasses are glamorous with a vintage touch as they stem from the 50’s and 60’s era. They’re a universal trend by the way they fit just about every face shape and any personal style. If you want take away from the size of your face a little, sharper edges are perfect for you. But if you’d like to accentuate your face try some more rounded edges.

Although simple and an obviously great choice, there is one (fun) challenge with the cat eye sunglasses; either making them the conversation piece or just an accessory that won’t override your outfit. Either way, the edginess of the glasses are so much fun! Not only is there variation in the shape, there are also many different colors and embellishments that you can find.

As far as colors, bright aqua is great for brunettes or dark hair and brown glasses for lighter hair colors. Basic or neutral color glasses are great to try first if you’re not sure how your wardrobe will mix with them, especially if you already wear bright colors, which is a good thing for spring! Remember to wear them the way you want to, and you’ll always be happy. To top that statement off, today I read a quote that said something like “fashion fades, but style is forever.”