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Fanny Pack Comeback

Once a taboo accessory reserved for tourist attire, the fanny pack has successfully staged a comeback and is now cooler than ever. From runways to the street style scene and the best dressed models off-duty, the ’90s staple is having the ultimate revival! (

Why I haven’t written about this exciting news, is beyond me, but I have recently noticed them so much and find them absolutely adorable! If you’re lucky enough to have your fanny pack from back in the school days, then you’re in luck. But you also can’t hate on the newest styles coming out right now. The greatest part about fanny packs, I feel, Is you can even wear them in the office with your dressy attire! Those boss ladies who have more than one phone at work and other smaller accessories needed, really give the fanny pack the ultimate job! Forget pockets and making your pants look bulky.

It’s called a “bum bag” in the UK and is also known in the US as “waist bags.” But they can go around your shoulder, if you’d rather wear them like a purse instead. You can find them in any of your favorite store or purse brands, color, or material. They are allowed planes and not considered an extra carry on bag, so if you’re a traveler or on vacation, this is great news for you and your little essentials.

Have you ever lost your wallet, phone, or keys, and they’re not in your purse? That situation sounds all to familiar for me. So I have to say the best thing about the fanny pack is that you will not lose something that’s literally attached to your waist! For the moms & stepmoms out there who have little ones attached to the waist; they really make it easy to keep track of everything, and that is much needed during busy days of appointments, school functions, and running around the playground.

From the ’90s to now, so much has changed, however, the need for something convientent & small to put your important items in, has always been there. I feel its a great go-to item for pretty much any lifestyle. So check them out if you never have! Your fanny will thank you. 😉