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Jean Trends


Boyfriend Jeans (

Jeans are the most popular item of clothing and bring together so many cute and trendy outfits. Here are some denim ideas to pair with tops, shoes, and more. The first look is the boyfriend jean,low on the hips with a slouchy and loose fit, cuffed on the bottom. They are best worn with very basic tops such as a plain button down or V neck T-shirt with low heels.

Retro Denim (

The next look to mention is retro denim. They are flared at the bottom and have squared pockets. This look has come back from the 70’s and it doesn’t look like its going away anytime soon. Pumps are great with them and you can wear really any style top. Two tops that are great with these jeans are the turtle neck and something that you can tuck in. This may take you back to when you were a kid, but overalls are in style too. They’re not as loose fitting and can be worn with any shirt underneath, as well as any shoe. There is just one exception with shoes though, if you have a flared bottom, be sure to wear pumps.


And you’re not going to believe this, but mom jeans, yes mom jeans are trendy right now as well. They are only slightly different from the boyfriend jeans by being more tapered in the legs and practically sitting above the belly button. Wear bold tops and accessories. They are especially cute with heels.

“Mom Jeans” (

High rise jeans, like skinny or flare but with a high-waist, are the most popular right now. They are adorable with crop tops and any kind of shoe. You can also wear them with lower shirts if that makes you more comfortable.

I hope this bit of denim information has given you some insight and some cute outfit ideas as well. No matter what you do, just be comfortable. If you

High Rise (

don’t like wearing pumps with your overalls or retro jeans, that’s fine. Fashion and trends is all about creating a look that is perfect for you. So go ahead and give those jeans a go!

A Few New Fall Trends to catch up on

Wool Sweater (

Here are a few trends to keep in mind this Fall 2014 season. Wool and fleece are definitely in and will definitely keep you nice and warm as the nights get colder. These furs on your bags and boots

are great too. Knit sweaters and pants are in as well, so be on the lookout for them in every fall color. Animal prints on

Knit Pants (

accessories, jackets, and shoes will be around to spice things up with a little roar. Animal prints on sweater dresses, which are big this season, should definitely be in your closet.

Sweater dresses with any pattern and color are great with scarves, tall boots, ankle boots, and oversized jackets. Oversized jackets are easygoing, flowy

Oversized Jacket (

jackets that have sleeves that are too long and they almost come down to your knees. They are fun

Sweater Dresses (

Sweater Dresses (

and fluffy and may even come in wool or fleece! Well, that’s the trend talk for now, stay tuned for more up to date trends and fashion forward looks for this season.

We’ve only just begun – Fall 2014


Fall is slowly but surely approaching as you feel the air starting to get cooler. So how about those cool sweater and other fall trends that are already in stores? Lets talk about the new trends that you can find on your fall shopping adventures.

The made-by-hand vibe is definitely spreading along with the pull over sweaters that have a freckled look and soft feel. The over-sized sweater

Made-by-hand look (

is great too, just make sure it’ll fit you in the shoulders and arms for a look that’s still trendy and not looking like a sweater that is much too big!

A new edge for blouses is sheer material, slit or cut out in the back. Wear this with high waisted pants and a tank underneath, if that

Blouse w/ slit in back (

makes you feel more comfortable. For coats, the parka is great for fall because you can wear it right into winter with a lining and thicker pants as it really starts to get colder. Don’t be afraid to make your choice of pants sweatpants as they are fashionable this fall season, you can even wear certain styles of them to

Sweat Pants (

work with a blazer on the top to spice them up even more. Stayed tuned for  even more trends as this is only the beginning to Fall 2014 fun!

Take an extra look in your closet

Ever go to get ready for the day and think “I have nothing to wear!” but it seems like there is plenty in your closet? It happens to me all the time and I’m sure I’m not the only one. There are some tricks of the trade that can be utilized to take your random pieces of clothes that seem to make no outfit and turn them into up to date, in style looks.

If you have slim leg pants and a long button up shirt, this makes a stylish and simple outfit. Not only is it simple, but very comfortable, especially if you use dress pants. Denim pants are great too as they make your outfit casual and dressy at the same time. Depending on what shoes you wear, heels and boots make it great for work, while sandals and boat shoes make the outfit casual.

My next suggestion is to wear your high waisted skirt and a crop top together. You can mix and match different colors and patterns so you don’t have to look hard to find something that matches perfectly from your closet. The great thing about this outfit is that no matter what height, weight, or body type you are, this look is flattering for everyone. Try it with a pair of heels and a clutch and your ready for the day.

Another trendy idea is to wear a top and bottom that are the same color, but with different patterns. Try this with a pair of sneakers and add a necklace for a chic look that is unique and in style.
Whatever outfit you’re working with, whether it’s a dress, top and jeans, shorts and a tank, throw on a leather motorcycle jacket. Wear a pair of ankle boots to give the outfit some edge.
I’m sure everyone has a tee shirt in their closet. So take one and put it on with a skirt, tucked in. Pull it out and make the bottom part a little puffy. Wear with ankle boots and tall socks if you have any.

Hopefully these tips will help you realize your closet has greater potential than just being a bunch of random clothing with no match. As you can see you don’t even have to completely match and trendy outfits are put together simply with a little creativity and uniqueness to create different looks that you’ve worn before!

Fall into these colors

This Fall season, we must not go around wearing the same colors we did in the summer, as the fall is cooler, more relaxed, and crisp with a touch of excitement that comes from an orange fire or brown and red leaves. We’re surrounded by different colors, so we should update our own colors to blend in, or better yet, stand out with a new palette and new closet of fun outfits for the new season.

Fall (

Fall (

With the combination of the present and past this year’s fall colors aren’t the typical palette you would expect. They are inspired by the need for women to express themselves individually and create a look just for them, and only themselves. Each color comes from an array of femininity and diversity inspired by retro and exotic art that expands over 100 years ago, from books to photography and architecture.

Sangria (

Now that you know where these fabulous colors stem from, let’s get down the business. The first color I will mention is called Sangria, which is an adventurous red, followed by the Aurora red, a more simple and reserved shade of red.  From the reds leads into

Aurora Red (

purples, you can either wear dark purples or light, whichever fits you the best. The two purples are Mauve Mist, a light and delicate purple, and Radiant Orchid which captivates your outfit, with a bright, romantic shade.

Bright Cobalt and Royal blue are next. Royal blue is simply a bright

blue navy as Bright cobalt is almost on the green side. We go from

Cognac (

the little bit of green to the browns. Cognac is classy and great for evening wear, not too bright and not too light either, just

Royal Blue (

as crisp as the leaves on the ground. It is very popular, along with yellow, especially Misted Yellow. Hopefully these colors will make you look and feel as adventurous as the leaves do while

making their journey to the ground. Make that journey into the fall season fun and fashion forward by sticking to these colors.

This article is inspired by the lovely:

Not Just your everyday tee

Plain tee shirts have always been that go-to, comfy shirt for just lounging around, going to the gym or for pajamas. This staple item is simple and predictable unless you change it up a little bit. Ever thought of wearing a tee-shirt a different way? Here are a few ways to spice up your favorite v-neck, crew-neck, or scoop neck items.

First idea is you could take a pair of scissors and transform your shirt into a hip and in style top. Add fringes to the bottom, or slits on the back, or slits on the chest. Wear with a tank top

Fringe Idea (

underneath and you’re good to go with your own unique style. You can also just cut the length of the shirt to keep up with the trend of high waisted shirts.

To dress up your tee, try a long necklace. They will add sparkle and jewels while spicing up your style as long necklaces are fun and versatile. This is especially true with a v-neck tee shirt,

Necklace (

as the V shape neck flows right along with the length of the necklace. Colorful and patterned scarves are great as well, especially paired with a necklace for an exciting look.

Scarf Idea (

Try layering a couple different tee shirts together or with something on top on them such as a vest, jacket, sweater, or even a floral blazer. You can

Floral Jacket (

even just change the bottom part of your outfit as well with patterned shorts, pants, or skirts for a trendy look that shows that the tee shirt is more than just an everyday top, it is a versatile

Pattern Bottom (

and unique platform for opportunity to create new looks every day.

Fashion Tips for Tall Women

The number one rule if you are a tall woman is to avoid pants that are too short. The right length completes your whole outfit as your ankles should always be covered, unless of course you’re wearing ankle length pants. Buying pants a size bigger to get a better length does work although they may appear baggy. A way to balance out your outfit with loose pants is to wear a fitted jacket, shirt, or blouse.

Tall Pants(

Some ladies try men’s clothing because it has the length they need, however this is not a good ideaas men’s clothing does not have the fitted shapes to flatter your body, making you appear bulky and shapeless. There are plenty of clothing stores that cater to tall woman such as Long Tall Sally (, Banana Republic (, and Old Navy ( .

If you wish to appear not as tall, horizontal stripes are great. A variety of small patterns is a great thing too because your height allows you to wear them without being bulky. If you want to wear bigger patterns just be sure to wear them on your top or bottom half only. Bigger patterns on both top and bottom at the same time, such as a dress, will give the illusion of appearing bigger. Another thing to avoid the illusion of appearing bigger is shoulder pads as they add bulkiness to the top half of your body.

Mini Skirt (

For those nights out on the town, miniskirts were made with you tall ladies in mind and really are flattering by making your long legs appear slimmer than they already are. Stick with a skirt that has no patterns to really rock the look, especially worn with heals. Tall women can definitely get away with wearing heals, however if you feel they make you too tall, it’s simple, just wear flat shoes. There are plenty of dressy and casual flat shoe options out there to try!