A New Twist On Hats

Clothes are so much fun especially when they’re topped off with some cute accessories. That’s why I’ve got to talk about headwear trends to complete our wardrobes.  Cowboy hats might seem too common, but a new take on patterns and colors has really started to cover the top of the runways this season.

Speaking of season, how about baseball season? The traditional baseball hats, Ball caps are really in and have come out with beautiful shades of pink, red, black, and even gold. Different materials and embellishments have been added to let this active wear join smoothly with high fashion.

The fashion world has been introduced to quite the gloomy hat that covers your eyes. Although this look seems like it’d make you look like a Debby downer, it’s definitely very futuristic and unique. If you’re daring enough to try a hat that would make you stand out, even though it looks like you’re hiding, I give you so much credit! A hat that’s usually sort of frumpy and plain, the fisherman hat, is spiced up with lots of pizazz right now. They’re coming out in different fabrics such as satin and leather with a slightly bigger rim. Some have beads, pretty patterns, and fabric flowing from them.  

Straw hats can be worn all year round to keep the rays out of our eyes and help keep us looking stylish at the same time. They’re being worn with shorter brims as well as massive ones. Any size in between might look like a farmers hat. But hey, if that’s the look you want, go for it! The straw hat has never really had size options like this and will definitely adhere to anyone’s taste. The huge brims are perfect for beach days and look amazing with bathing suits. From the beach to the farm, there’s no limit to how far that straw will go.