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When Fishermen Start A Trend

Every so often, designers take a break from being “designer indulged” and make their ideas accessible to everyone. This year, the fisherman’s net bag seems to be the trendy, go to bag for all occasions. The list goes on from class, the beach, work, and even the gym. Its easygoing vibe attracts anybody who wants to throw their stuff in something and go—forget the ugly and ripping plastic bag, those are no fun.

Most trends are usually “over” priced, because of the materials or because they’re in high demand. At least that’s my reasoning. I could be wrong. Perhaps I’ll research that for my next blog. However, I do feel confident that anyone reading this would love this bag. The neat fact about it is that it originates from being an actual fisherman’s bag in France, back in the 1800’s. It became standard for shopping at French food markets for its expandable and flexible ways.

Today, it’s rarely seen used for food shopping, although I’m sure it’s great for carrying fruits. It’s paired with any style outfit and can bought anywhere, even online from $8 to $18 dollars. I really like the idea of this bag because of its authenticity, originality, and the fact that it has a long history behind it. I don’t think this trend will ever go away; its very neutral, so I see the possibility of many people using it to go along with their unique style. Although the neutral, tan color is most popular, I love the black one, it’s quite adorable if I do say so myself.


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Off the Charts Trend Continues to be Off-the-Shoulders

My favorite shirt style is the off-the-shoulder trend. It just so  happens to be one of the most popular clothing  trends at  the moment. It is so versatile because it’s not just about the straight across style anymore; it comes as asymmetrical, straps, one shoulder showing, and cutouts. It’s been in the top 5 top styles ever since it came to stores this year. This style shows off the arms and shoulders, which is so exciting to me since shoulders and arms always look great, no matter what. You can’t go wrong with the cut out shoulder, as there are so many different places to wear it; the club, work, or even the beach.

Wearing it with disconnected sleeves, longer or short, is such a unique and fun look to pair with denim jeans or shorts. One shoulder showing is super cute as it is remissive yet sensual. But if you want to get straight to the point and show off both shoulders, the straight across look is perfect, not to mention probably the most common of all. Asymmetrical is cool with all of its variety of cuts and shapes. It helps your look become dressier if that’s what you’re going for.

Off-the-shoulder with straps can be dressy on formal dresses for weddings and such. Actually, any of the styles of this trend can be worn dressy. Keeping you cool is what it does mostly, letting air flow to the arms and shoulders, on a hot summer day. There is nothing better to find in a shirt in this humidity. Making them even cooler, is laying long necklaces, high waist pants, and probably the coolest, wearing a see-through of the shoulder as a bathing suit top.

If you don’t have any off-the-shoulder shirts yet, a cute way to make your own would be to let one shoulder fall out while tying the opposite side on the bottom. This is so easy, and you’ll be the most creative, chic girl on the block! One thing that’s not so fun about these shirts, I have to admit, is keeping your shoulders out with your shirt always going back up. Well, another creative idea to keep your look right involves two baby pins and two elastics. To see how to do this, just watch the video (from  below and find out. Enjoy!