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Goodbye Winter Blues, Hello Spring Hues

Calm, cool, and delicate, warm tones describe the color trends this spring 2015 season, as mother nature brings so much beauty and a sense of relaxation. A relaxing and airy theme that Aquamarine Blue carries, washes away those winter blues and reinvents a new you; away from cold and into the sunshine. 

An invigorating and powerful Scuba Blue that brings along the fun, resembles the clear waters of Hawaii. This cool shade brings you to paradise or at least makes you feel as though you are there, if you have been dreaming of Spring to finally be here.

With the new, warm whether and being out and about, we need have trust in our new Spring outfits to keep us looking the way we want. Those outfits would be great with Classic Blue, as it certainly is  a common shade in the warm seasons. You will feel comfortable with your beautiful self in this classic, go-to color.

Though Lucite Green is not exactly blue, it is in fact in the Blue Family. This light weight color and minty glow has been around for a while and is ready to hit the runway and your closet again this year.

Dusk Blue is a faithful hue that truly resembles the sky above us. In a crazy world, this color brings us a chance to go back to a place where we never knew crazy even existed. Just breath, Spring is finally here, and the sun is shining from the Dusk Blue sky. Be faithful to the blues and bring them into your outfits with joy and readiness to mix them with other Spring colors that I am going to mention in my next blog. Stay cool and calm until then, my fellow fashion ladies!

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