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Ankle Length Boots – A Unique Fall Look


Ankle Boots (

An exciting and easy look this fall is booties, also known as ankle length boots. They are unique compared to the traditional tall boots. So lets dare to be different this season and try them out. Watch out for a variety of colors vastly approaching you in brown, beige, wine, black, grey and many more. Some come in pull on styles,  zip up, flats, heels, and wedges. Others have buckles for show in faux and real leather. You can find them in suede as well which should be protected with weather and water proof spray. Some have fringe and lace and even fur.

With Cuffed Jeans (

Skinny jeans are one of the best items to pair with your ankle boots.  They can help slim your ankles by rolling them up a little to highlight the skinny area above your feet. Another fun look with these boots is wearing them with your socks sticking out. Yes, it sounds funny but with cute socks that are a thinner material, you can make it look dainty and feminine. Therefore, you should avoid thick pants and jeans so your ankles don’t look bulky. Jeggings and leggings are best with this look. If you have bare legs, try a skirt above the knee to avoid your legs looking short. For color, try shorter, neutral colored socks to avoid drawing attention to them.

Tights and A-line Skirt (

A-line skirts are great with ankle boots because the fullness of the skirt tends to slim your feet and ankles. Wear a neutral pair of boots with a more fitted skirt to help elongate your legs as darker boots may make your outfit appear bottom heavy. Sometimes your boots might cover your whole ankle. In this case, try tights with the skirt. Wear your black boots with black tights, beige with beige, grey with grey, and the list goes on. However, if you want to wear a different color tight than your boots, this is ok too, it adds variety.

Try out this great style boot and ways to wear it, I’m sure you’ll love them just as much as this great Fall weather!

The Diamond Body Type – How to make it shine

Diamond (

Here is another blog on how to dress a specific body type, one beautifully named the Diamond. Knowing what body type you have, will save you time shopping so you can look and feel as fabulous as possible no matter what. Every woman is different, and that is a wonderful thing, we are all unique in many different ways.

If you are a Diamond body type your hips are wider than your shoulders and bust and you have a fuller midsection. Your arms are usually on the slimmer side and you carry more weight on your upper thighs than the bottom part of your legs. While being a diamond shape, you want to create a waist to balance your shoulders and bust. In order to do so, choose tops that add fullness and curves to your upper body. You can achieve an hour glass shape by putting focus on the center of your body and arms and legs.

Straight leg dark denim jeans with no embroideries on them are great for a slimming

Belted Cardigan (

effect on your upper legs and are great to wear with any top. A long button down cardigan creates a shape that elongates your body and they are fun to wear with any style shirt underneath. Try belted cardigans as well as they will create a fun and curvy waistline. A short- waisted jacket is great as it also helps elongate your body and when zipped will give you a beautiful hour glass silhouette. Wear heals with these outfits! They elongate your body too and are great paired with skirts and dresses too of course.

A-Line Dress (

An A-line skirt literally gives you that flare and shows off those shapely legs as it sits away from the body. An A-line dress is great as well to give your midsection some pizzazz! Any black dress is perfect for you too, no matter what style; it’s the color that really makes your body look the best it can! For the dresses you can wear a high or low neck, as both flatter your shoulders. Hopefully these tips help you girls to be the sparkling diamonds that you truly are!

Don’t wear yourself out – Here are some interview outfit tips

A majority of 20 something women are finishing college, growing in their jobs, or just starting out in their career. Whatever the case may be, the interview is the first step. They aren’t always fun but here’s some fashion tips to ease the stress about what to wear.

Grey suit with white blouse (

You want to make a good first impression when introducing yourself the place you want to work. In order to do so, you need to appear professional, neat, and clean. Make sure you have your staple items which are neutral colored suits in gray, black, brown, tan, or navy blue. Light colored blouses and cotton shirts are perfect for going underneath. Try a light scarf around your neck especially if you’re interviewing with a more conservative company.

Another staple item is the white button down shirt or a white dressy, plain blouse. If you know you are interviewing with a more laid back and casual company, make sure you are still dressy with your outfit. It’s better to be over-dressed than under-

Brown Suit (

dressed. With a more laid back company you may be able to get away with no jacket with your dress pants. Another good idea is to wear a jacket or cardigan with more casual pants.Avoid short skirts and tight fitting clothes. Wear more conservative colors too, bright pinks and yellows aren’t fitting for an interview.

No matter the current shoe trend, choosing a medium sized, closed toe pump as it is the best choice, it’s safe, conservative, and will pull your outfit together. Use your clothing as a reflection of yourself that you are professional striving to get into the workforce. Hopefully these tips will get you to wear you want to be!

Let’s Shop Smart

I went shopping today in the most comfortable and accommodating place! Everywhere I looked I felt like I had never seen so many different cute and stylish clothes for Fall; denim jeans, scarves, tops, sweaters, boots, leggings, vests, and jackets. I kept pulling out clothes from every corner  that seems like they were hidden treasures that I thought I would never see again. They were all last years clolthes but I knew they were going to work for this fall season! The best part about this is all the clothes were free. Oh and mine! Thats because I was shopping in my own closet, discovering clothes I hadn’t worn yet this season. Its amazing how many great clothes I have and still absolutely love! Looking at all of these clothes, I realized that I could incorporate all of these clothing into the tips and trends I have written so far for Fall 2014. I do not have to go out and spend a ton of money to be trendy and stylish.

You should check out your closet too! Being trendy doesn’t have to be expensive. Older clothing can be turned into this years current trends by the way you put your outfits together; following my guidelines and tips. Not only is it a good idea to look at what you have at home first, but try shopping at boutiques and thrift/consignment shops as well. You can find clothing for over 70% off the original prices and end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars and its just like shopping in someone else’s closet!

I hope you find yourself saving money on clothes, as the twenties are the most important time in one’s life to save money for the future! This will leave room for more trendy and fun outfits as we get older! This may be my most important fashion tip yet. I want you to know you don’t need to go out and spend a fortune after learning about the most current looks I post about! Have fun and stay tuned for the next trend tips to come very soon.