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Lower the pain of your High Heels

When it comes to wearing high heels, some women experience pain after just one hour. That is such a drag since they’re usually worn for the most important life events such as weddings, proms, barmitsfas, and even a formal workplace. Walking around and/or dancing in pain all day/night may change your entire experience and make it a miserable one. I’ve seen ladies wear them all day and night, and even run in them, and I can’t even wear them for half an hour. I think I could always settle for flats, but what’s the fun in that? I’m here to let you know how to make heels fun if you have a similar experience to mine.

You might find some comfortable heels, thats for sure, but they can become uncomfortable overtime. I’m talking about wear and tear over here and its not good! They can become uneven as the rubber lifts and soles get worn down. The solution?–FInd a good cobbler around the area. As soon as any damage starts to happen, cobblers can help make them feel new again. To avoid your heels from damaging your feet from the beginning, just go shopping at the end of the day because thats when you’re feet are swollen. You’ll obviously want them to still feel comfortable at any time of day, so trying them on at the store when your feet are at  their biggest, will give you a good size to take home.

Now, just because your heels feel comfortable, doesn’t mean you can treat them like they’re sneakers. You should walk differently in heels; make sure you have good posture and you’re using your core leg muscles. Strut your stuff like you’re on the catwalk with a bounce to your step! This is one way to avoid pain in your feet or legs.

Say you shopped in the morning and your heels are a bit snug. This doesn’t mean to go out and buy a shoe stretcher or exchange them, if you don’t want to. Simply take a zipblock bag, fill it with water, put in the shoe, and put shoes in the freezer. This sounds silly but if you keep them in there overnight you’ll wake up to wider shoes from the water expansion inside of them as the water freezes. If you’re not sure if they will be comfortable for the long run when they’re new, always save the receipt and walk around with them in the house and outside to try to break them in.

Heels can be flexible enough to stretch a little just with your feet. Put them on when you don’t actually need to wear them so you can break them in with your natural foot shape and size. Doing this will prep them when the time comes to wear them. You’ll be able to just slip them on with big time confidence that you’ll have a pain free day.