Monthly Archives: December 2019

Go Big or Go Home

Go big or go home is certainly the best way to describe the bold styles of winter coats this season, all from the length, to the shape and color. Long coats are hitting it big this year in a practical yet stylish way. Lets take a look at whats in store:

A must-buy is the oversized trench coat with large, puffed sleeves, which are absolutely adorable with their patterned sleeve caps and collars. Ever heard of a Maxi coat? Well this really could be any kind of oversized coat, but this one oddly only lets footwear to be seen when buttoned up. They might be too long for ladies under 5’4, however, so you may need to get it hemmed.

If you’re a pink lady, you’ll be excited to know that there’s actually a ‘hot-pink coat.’ It is an oversized, long, hot pink trench coat that just screams bold and makes you look super fancy. Try them with a black outfit and you’ll leave your house looking sleek! Cape jackets, with no sleeves, are easy to just slide right on and help if you want to wear something heavier underneath them. And the best part? You can move your arms while driving and walking around.

Believe it or not, there is a blanket coat out there with blanket silhouette and fringing to go along. There are endless patterns that these come in, but I’d have to favorite the checkered. There is something about a warm coat feeling like a blanket and being able to button it up at the same time!

Have you heard of the wrap coat? It is amazingly comfortable! If I could describe it the best way, I would say picture a bathrobe, but with collars and in any thick and warm material suitable for the winter weather. I believe any of these coats are suitable for winter and hope all of you get to take advantage of at least one of them this year.