Monthly Archives: July 2015

Making a comeback this summer

This Summer, a trend that was through to be extinct has come back to life again! The cropped top paired with high waist pants is what I’m talking about, along with many others. This beloved look is seen with not only pants, but shorts as well. The top can be long sleeves, short sleeves, off the shoulder, or even a tank top. Some women are spotted wearing the tanks for this look a little more cropped than usual with lower waist pants.

Depending on your own personal style, sneakers, flip flops, or tennis shoes can be worn with this look. Go for the heels with a night out on the town and that little black skirt! Dressing up with this look is so much fun. Mix and match high waisted skirts with a tighter, dressy cropped top for an eye catching outfit that only takes minutes to put together. For more causal days, try a flowy skirt or maxi skirt with flats or sandals.

So whether you are going casual Cathy or dressy Debbie, always accessorize! At night, go for the silver or gold jewelry to add some shine to your outfit. During the day go with a long necklace with more charms than diamonds as well as a fabric headband to complete the look.



Keep your Cool at Work this Summer

When it comes to the work wardrobe, summer is not the best time for black pants and jackets! Lifeguards have it so easy, but what about the rest of us? Here is some advice for those who have to dress up for work and need a way to dress cool but still be in dress code. Don’t ever wear a dress to work that you would go to a club in, even if you have a jacket or nylons underneath. Some great words of advice; “look at the environment you’re working in, and stay within the boundaries of that.”

An obvious piece of advice; never wear anything to work that you would wear to the beach or the gym. That’s for those who really may not know their boundaries. Which I’m sure you lovely ladies most certainly do! This means eliminate cut off shorts, flip flops, tank tops, leggings, and sports bras. There is a way to keep cool without wearing those no-no summer pieces.

However, there is good news! You CAN wear shorts. Just be sure they are length and material appropriate with structure. Nothing above the knee; if you can feel your legs skin touching the chair, it is too short. A button up Oxford shirt with a pencil skirt or loose pants is absolutely perfect for beating the heat. Dress it up a little more with some gold or silver jewelry, whichever you prefer.

One thing we all know, light colors feel cooler, so wearing them instead of black will help you keep your cool all day long. White colors near the face are extremely flattering. Pair white with blues for a nautical look or try some other blue shades, reds, yellow, and beiges.

One item all the rage right now and perfect for work is a 60’s sleeveless trench dress. Be sure to layer when wearing sleeveless if you are in air conditioner all day, too cold isn’t good. For shoes, don’t go bare, go for flats, they are comfortable and don’t show your entire foot. Dressing appropriately on the job is not only more professional, but it gives the message that you care about yourself. Hopefully with these tidbits of advice you’ll be feeling better in the heat and your boss is keeping their cool!