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Spring: We’ve only just Begun

I couldn’t be more excited to say spring is finally here. I’m even more excited to get into the fun and fabulous style for this season! It seems as though sequins is carrying itself from the winter to stay with us for a while, which is so wonderful as it’s so versatile and good looking, especially for going out on the town.

As far as patterns, checkers are coming towards us with their own unique dresses, light jackets and tops, which give a great feminine appeal. This may surprise you but plastic is making an appearance for dresses and skirts. They’re most likely waterproof which can be a good thing if you get hit with some April showers. Another unique material is sheer for skirts, and even cycling shorts. It’s great to dress up with and looks very elegant.

As far as colors, perfect for Easter pastels are here to stay. They’re my favorite set of colors and bring me back to my childhood with Easter candy and going to church in pastel dresses. Bold colors are brightening up the runways as well with bold shoes and accessories to accentuate. These are awesome colors because their beauty can make you the most noticeable woman in the room. There’s definitely nothing wrong being bold and standing out! So stand out far in that sunshine and enjoy it as much as you can in your beautiful spring colors and styles. This is just a preview of my excitement for the incoming spring trends, so watch out for more to come your way soon!















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