Monthly Archives: June 2019

Easy Fashion

We all love things in life that simplify and eliminate any extra, unwanted steps. I recently thought maybe there are some fashion shortcuts that make getting dressed in the morning, easier. Fashion hacks are the best kept secrets around and I’m going to let you in on them today. Having staple, good quality items in your wardrobe, make your clothes go a long way. By this, I mean have the perfect pair of jeans, a good sized white, plain tee-shirt and a set of multiple colors of tee’s. These items may be simple, which is what we want, but they can go with basically any item. Paired with the right accessory, they can really go a long way, as an easy way to still stay stylish, with little effort. Wear the shirts with a scarf, long necklace, jean jacket, or button up sweater.

Although these staples are great, over time we may find that certain items don’t fit the right way. But no need to spend money on more, all you need is a good tailor. They can bring your items from the wrong size, to a high-end-looking, beautiful piece. Items that you paid a lot for will finally serve their purpose.

But what if you completely hate how an item looked all together but hated the thought of returning it, just turn it into something else! What I mean is. by a little cutting, reshaping, and sewing, you can turn a shirt into a skirt or as pair of pants into a top! No matter the pattern or fabric, you can use your imagination to create things you 100% love.

If you’re low on workpants for the week, did you know you can where yoga pants instead? Well maybe you’re not exactly allowed to, but if you give it a try, you will love it. No one will know and you will feel extra comfortable. Yoga pants can be thinner and see-through too, so what you need to do is where a pair of black leggings underneath them. That way they look and feel thicker, giving the illusion of black dress pants. Just be sure to pull up the colorful waistband so no one can see it and where a longer shirt to cover the fact that you wont have a zipper.

Speaking of covering up, if you’re feeling uncomfortable about your stomach, (even though you’re beautiful any way, shape, or form), light scarves and kimonos are super comfy and go with just about anything to help the illusion of a slimmer midsection.

Hopefully these small tips can help you can take it easy in this hustle and bustle world we live in!