Monthly Archives: July 2016

A Fresh, Crisp Summer

The color white is a great for summertime, it’s has a fresh, crisp, and clean feel and makes things more exciting than your everyday denim. Jeans that you can pair with any summer color are a must-have to look and feel refreshed this summer and can be worn with any color and style top.

Flared denim jeans had their time to shine last year, but are making a comeback and cuter than ever with stretch, cotton tees. Wide leg white denim with buttons on each hip to create a nautical look are perfect for this season. Its best to avoid striped shirts, you don’t want to go overoard and into the water with the sailor look.

On the opposite side of the boat; instead of the wide leg, try straight leg denim in white. This is for the ladies who like their skin tight jeans, but want a break from the heat to let in some air flow. I am sure you’ll be glad to be in them once the sun is beaming down at 3PM. One of the biggest ongoing trends, the crop top is great with white, high-waisters. Rock this look with some wedges or strappy sandals. White jeans will help you to start your outfit with a blank, or should I say, white slate and help you build an outfit you love with creativity, as you are uniquely you.


Bathing Suits Galore

What you’re about to experience is some great bathing suit shopping tips to make every woman, no matter what shape or size, feel more ready than ever before hitting the stores. Not every store will carry the same styles and not every woman can wear the same style. So here’s a quick guide to show you the way.

Finding a suit for your bust can be a challenge, big or small. For the small chest ladies out there, try embellishments, padding, and ruffles on the top to create the illusion of a fuller bust. For those who already have a full bust, go for the tops with wiring and wider straps for extra support. For broad shoulders, suits with patterns going down the side are perfect. They distract from the wider area as they create the illusion of an hour glass figure, or emphasize on it, if thats your body shape.

For the bottom, those with a flatter one should show a little cheek on the side of their suit and try bright colors and patterns to distract from that area if wanted. If you want to distract from your bigger bottom, don’t choose string bikinis of course. A good idea for balancing out this type of bottom is solid, full coverage bottoms with printed tops in both two piece or one.

If you love to hide your love handles, a high waisted two piece above the belly bottom is the way to go. For hiding any back fat don’t go with thin straps that would dig into your skin, thicker ones are best to keep everything smooth. We can’t forget those lovely legs. Thicker legs go best with longer styles such as a cute skirt on the bottom. If you have short legs, just the opposite, a higher cut is best. After all is said and done, it’s about being comfortable, and comfort leads to confidence. So use these tips and watch them set you into the look that suits you best.



Summer is here

Summer is finally here and so are the biggest trends of the season. Many will influence your wardrobe and confidence, but which ones will you like the most? Let’s talk about a few of the coolest ones for this hot summer weather coming through.

The first to mention is the chunky sandals. Show off those tootsies with thick straps and platform soles. The greatest thing is they are super comfortable. How exciting, right? Something as simple as a logo can get people excited as logo tee-shirts are suddenly all the rage right now. These T’s go great with your favorite denim shorts or capris.

Speaking of denim, denim mini skirts are coming back. So you can pull them out of your closet and try them with those chunky sandals. Off the shoulder tops would go great with your denim skirt too. Whether it’s a button down or tee-shirt, the off the shoulder or “cold shoulder” trend is a way to be confidently sexy without being too bold. It carries a nonchalant,  feel that makes it hard to not like.

For the hair, instead of flower head garlands, tiaras have taken over. They’re meant to be worn with anything. And there are way more summer trends to talk about in my next blogs that will make you feel like a queen, so why not? You’re all royalty in these trends.