Monthly Archives: June 2015

Comfortable Summer Shoes

This Summer 2015 brings to us shoes with comfort and style, two amazing things at once! Slip on shoes are the most versatile choice. They come in many materials including canvas and suede. Some even come with memory foam or pillars on the bottom that are good for your knees and back.

Clogs, a more traditional style, are popular this season with easy slide on ability and a look that is perfect for the work wardrobe. Sandals with thick straps across the feet have the ability to not only protect your feet more than thinner straps, they won’t easily slip off if they tend to get sweaty, which will be great in the summer heat. There are even strappy sandals with arch support too, fancy and casual!

How about a light-weight sneaker? Heavier sneakers tend to weigh you down with loud noises and don’t let you move as fast. Wear these light weights for walking, the gym, and any summer function that has you out and about in that heavy humidity.

The stretch weave is a basic sandal or wedge with straps that have flexibility, comfort, and a plastic weave fabric. They come in many different colors and even black for those nights out on the town. And wouldn’t you know, flip flops are in style as they have been for years. You can find them with cushions and memory foam for support during those beach days that turn into sunsets.