Get Trendy with Last Year

Let’s talk about the newest major fashion trends so far this year. Keep in mind that just because we’re talking new trends, doesn’t mean we have to completely throw last year’s wardrobe out. That would be like throwing your money in the garbage. This is a smart woman’s guide to using last year’s trends with this year’s new ones.┬áStripes, one of last year’s major trends, is still around. To create an instant upgrade with this one, try a matching striped scarf to go with it. It’s so cute, petite and adds a unique touch. Jeans with boots pulled over the knees has now turned into a mini skirt with these boots in suede material.

Last year statement scarves, a printed scarf with all the colors in your outfit to pull it all together, was popular in silk. This year wear it with a low v-neck shirt. A trend that isn’t so much for matching, boyfriend jeans and a blouse that don’t quite go together perfectly, was popular last year with flats. This year, try those same jeans with a matching or similar jacket and a mock-neck shirt underneath.

The neutral-colored pencil skirt from last year still takes stage with a slit down the side and a printed, large-sized clutch. Very chic and put together with heeled sandals and a neutral-colored shirt tucked into it. Pieces, such as an over-sized sweater and scarves in camel and cream colors, broken up with denim jeans were trendy last year. This year those colors still come in handy with dressy pants such as khakis.