Staying Cool with Sweaters this Winter

If you want to look cool but feel warm and cozy all at once this winter, your best option is to stick with a sweater. The best thing is, there are so many styles to choose from. The first one I will mention is stripes with polka-dots in between the lines. This sounds funny but is seriously everywhere. Its usually found in lighter cotton materials with a high neckline. In fact, high neck lines are the latest thing this season.

Why not spice things up a bit with some sparkle? If you like sequence, you are in luck. This year brings sequence fun to sweaters in many different patterns. This blue sweater for example shows a pattern of sequence, material, sequence.

Speaking of patterns, there is also block color patterns trending right now. Some are bright and some are just right. And some have colors that you never thought you’d put together. But did you ever think you would wear a sweater with fur on the bottom of the sleeves? Maybe this year you will. In a neutral color with matching fur, a fuzzy sleeved sweater would look super cute with your favorite jeans and some boots. But half sleeve sweaters; they don’t sound that warm, do they? They are though, and are extremely comfortable and adorable. They’re adorable as a high-waisted style as well as ones with jewel and embroidery at the neckline as a ‘fake necklace.’ There is nothing fake, however, as to how comfortable these styles really are.