Colouring inside the simple lines

Stormy Weather

If you want to get filled in with the fall/winter 2015-2016 color trend news, keep reading on. We are busy women with jobs, kids, and many other obligations in life that are sometimes complicated and hard to deal with. To help us feel better, sometimes retail therapy is on the list of remedies. As a customer, you may find yourself looking for something simple and comfortable, something not so abstract and all over the place, something just to make you feel warm and happy. Luckily, this season is filled with simple, balanced, and down to earth color tones, to do just that.

According to the Pantone Colour Institute, there are a few main hues that are a constant throughout the color group. A constant, never-changing concept, how wonderful! As you’re shopping for those comfy sweaters or warm pants and boots, keep the following colors in mind and you will avoid all complicated matters such as trying to match pants to shirts or jackets to skirts.

Stormy weather, a constant and dependable shade, carries a constant blue-gray. It’s perfect for the professional woman who wants her wardrobe to reflect her inner strength that she will overcome any obstacle. Dried Herb, an olive green hue, brings a cool undertone to any outfit as its organic side reminds us of healthy activities, such as eating our veggies and exercising, which help us to really get back to ourselves and remembering to put our health first.

The soft pink shade, Cashmere Rose is probably the most chic of all, this season. This color’s appearance is said to look far away from noise and air pollution. So if you’re looking to get away from the pollution in your life, you can at least feel like you have from wearing this amazing, frosty color.

On the other side of the spectrum, is a darker blue called Reflecting Pond. This intriguing but put together shade brings a calming mood as it is can go with any color you’d like, making you feel comfortable and beautiful. A warm shade, that may go nicely with this one is Oak Buff, the color of sunshine rays. Look for it in dressy clothes for work, for a sense of reassurance that there are calm, relaxing days ahead.

Amethyst Orchid, the combination of a jewel and a flower brings to us calmness and sensuality. Along with all of these colors is the classic Timeless Black. Black will never go out of style and is always there to match anything you have while offering a slimming illusion if you want. Dark or light, these colors all bring something special to our lives and divvy up those winter blues.


Stormy Weather:

Dried Herb:

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