Winter Fashion Do’s and Don’ts 2016

As you have read in my previous blogs, I’ve gone over some super exciting and beautiful ┬átrends for this season, however, there is always a set of rules that ruins anything fun, right? Well, just kidding, these do’s and don’ts you are about to read are actually going to help you set up your outfits with enthusiastic colors, prints, and styles, so you can have more fun than ever during those cold and windy winter days.

Do overdo it this winter with over-sized coats and sweaters, a fur vest, a knee length skirt, and knee high boots. These ‘wow’ items will add some spice to your wardrobe and last all season as they can be used in just about any outfit. Red and white leather jackets are two do’s after seen on the runway several times.

Be daring with colors and patterns, add some lengths you’ve never tried before. Do always add a wow piece as mentioned above when in doubt to set that outfit on fire, well, hopefully not literally. But you will feel extra warm this season if you try this Do layering fashion statement: a leather jacket over a sweatshirt, and a long coat over the leather jacket. You’ll still feel just as hot as you remove your layers with your daring leather jacket and sweatshirt on. As far as boots for keeping warm, do let your socks show while wearing leggings and mid length or low boots.

Don’t let those white clothing items retire after Labor Day. They’re all over the runway with accessories, coats, hats, and sweaters. Don’t forget about those skirts and dresses either this season, they can pulled together nicely with the right jacket, leggings/tights, and boots. Don’t forget to wear these outfits with bright colors and patterns. Just because its dark outside doesn’t mean you should be stuck with only dark color options. This season is all about change, being bold, and trying new things. So go ahead and Do just that, you will feel like a new woman from the inside out.

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