Spicing Things up a Bit

Here’s something you probably never heard: shopping is just like cooking. Sounds crazy right? But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense; you have to put the right things together and it doesn’t hurt to add a little extra to spice things up a little. What I really mean is when it comes to the perfect recipe for an outfit; you need accessories to pull it all together. So let me tell about a few great accessory trends this fall.

Remember the bow tied blouse in my previous blog? Dress it up with some pearls to give yourself a classic and elegant look. How about a scarf around your neck as well? This season, striped scarves are running up and down the runway.  Don’t forget you might need a little something to put your scarf or lipstick in. If you’re going to use a handbag, be up to date with a double-strap handbag; super cute with an extra chain handles.

For your hair, a satan headband is a great simple and dressy accessory that you can wear to work and out at night all in the same day. Another item for the head is a wide brim hat. It’s very chic and easy to go with any outfit.  If you want to add something unique, especially if you already have fringe on your boots or jacket, try a gold or silver fringe bracelet that will hang off your wrist with confidence and beauty; two accessories that you’re never seen without, all you stylish, gorgeous ladies out there!