Fashion Police on the loose again

I haven’t gotten around to buying any on-trend track pants yet, but have seen them everywhere. Some definite no-no’s that have caught my eye are track pants paired with boots, tee shirts, slippers, and sneakers. These pants can be worn any way one pleases, however, they’re best worn in dressy materials with pumps, sandals, and a dressy top.

Speaking of pumps, we are not limited to just the essential black pump anymore, haven’t you heard? It may sound a bit scary, as we know black and neutral colors are there to pull our outfits together. But don’t fear any longer because patterns and bold colors are the latest trend in pumps as they add a little bold to our wardrobe. I tried it yesterday, and not only did my outfit look brighter, so was my outlook on a hard day’s work.

I have questioned colorful shoes like that in the past, but not anymore. I do have a question right now though, why are you still carrying around a huge tote everywhere? So many ladies right now are lugging huge ones filled with everything but the kitchen sink, it seems like.  I know you have many things to carry, so of course it’s convenient, but it just weighs you down. For the best look, find a clutch that will hold your essentials and leave the tote in the car or office.

Another look I spotted at the gym this morning was baggy sweatpants and big tee-shirts. If you’re still cringing in the mirror at the gym at how you look, it is about time you update that gym wardrobe! Fitted and feminine is the way to go. You will feel so much better and be even more motivated as you see how great you look at the gym. It works for me, when I look good, I feel good! If these trends work for me, I know they will work for you.