Leaves, Pumpkins, Shirts, and Skirts

Never did I think shirts and skirts would be so fabulous together. It’s amazing how many different themes they create for the many unique, yet all fabulous, women out there. Here are some shirt and skirt combos that let you express the inner chic you love to bring out the best you possible this season. If you’re inner chic has a ‘hippie’ feel, go for this first outfit, it will bring good vibes. A necktie blouse and suede mini is 1960’s inspired and made even more retro with platform sandals.

For a look that rises above the rest with an unexpected twist, pair a leather skirt over a long shirt-dress. I think this is such a unique outfit and shows that you’re brave and daring. It looks best with heels and the buttons of the shirt-dress unbuttoned at least two or three from the top to give it even more of a free-spirited look.

If you’re more laid back and a classic outfit is more your style, an oxford shirt and pencil skirt are the perfect match for you. Keep in mind that this crisp and professional look is best with sling back pumps and neutral colors, because it is fall after all. (Wink face).

Want an outfit that will show off your silhouette? Recreate Kim Kardashian’s look with a bodysuit and fitted, knee length, high-waist skirt that will give you a  body-flattering, curve hugging outfit. Not only does this outfit (that I’ve tried myself), bring out those curves, it mostly brings out your confidence. Let’s show them what we’re made of this fall!

www.harpersbazaar.com: Source for pictures