Falling into the next season

With fall around the corner, its crazy to think of how fast the summer has gone by and even more crazy to think of putting those cute summer outfits away. But you won’t have to so soon once fall is officially here. There are a few simple tricks to keeping your warm weather pieces out as long as you want.

If there are any dresses, short sleeve shirts, and tanks that you absolutely love, when fall is officially here, a simple jacket or sweatshirt can be worn over them all day, especially with the jacket open and the zipper down to the middle to show off those fun summer colors you love.You can even wear a long sleeve shirt under your dresses too, now how simple is that? Don’t forget to change from sandals to boots or simply socks with your sandals. Socks with sandals has always been a funny look, but it just depends on what sandals they are, and be sure you don’t wear thick socks.

Just put on a pair of boots to keep warm with those shorts or skirts. Who said you couldn’t wear them all year round? Create your own unique look with any skirt, from denim to leather. If you don’t want to wear the boots, just throw on a pair of nylons underneath and you’ll be all set. Or do both! This is only the beginning of fall talk, so don’t worry, there is more to come. For a few more weeks I’ll still be in summer mode right along with you because I know it’s not fall just yet, but it’s always good to start planning ahead!