Handbags Galore

This summer, full of sun and busy days, we need to bring all of our essentials with us, and we should do it in style! I’m talking handbags, big and small, whatever works for you. There are many different patterns and looks to go with, so let’s discuss them all to get you up to date about the summer handbag trends.

When it comes to materials, the bags this season are made of leather layers, sleek and shiny plastic, crocodile skins, studs, and zippers going down the sides. Even straw bags for the beach are a great choice.

Giving you the freedom to run around; backpacks are back in, but this time with a more cut, sleeker look. Even in black, they are stylish and convenient. Bright colors are in too for any style, from oranges, green, yellows, and blues. A bright colored handbag will spice up with any summer outfit!

Clutches have always been good for the little things to quickly throw together on a night out, but now the clutch has grown in size. A new trend is an oversized clutch that can be used for any occasion. Some even come with a long handle now to go over the shoulder, known as the oversized clutch.

Switching to another extreme, one of the cutest changes and trends to handbags this summer is the mini bag. You won’t need to worry about oversized, heavy bags to carry around; they have long straps, short straps, any style you’d like, just fun size, to go along with your fun summer days and nights.