Layering the cool way

Believe it or not I’ve discovered a few tips to layer without the burden of feeling too warm. Just by playing with different lengths, styles, and patterns, you can create a summer outfit that is simple enough to keep feeling and looking cool!
The first idea is a long, flowy tank with shorts. Lace shorts are a great idea, as they are a lighter material than denim and very chic. The long top idea is fun because it’s almost like wearing a dress

Long tank with shorts (

without having to worry about it being too short. If it’s a lower tank in the armpits, throw on a bandeau underneath, a spandex piece that covers only the bra, keeping you cool without adding bulk. For accessories, add a small cross body bag that not only goes well with your flowy top, but is great for avoiding a heavy purse. We all know carrying around a heavy purse in the heat is no fun!
If you are wearing a dress and want to layer you can do that with style while still allowing air to flow to your skin. A light denim vest will always look nice with any casual summer dress because you won’t have to add any bulk of sleeves with your sleeveless or strapped dress. You can even wear your sleeveless vest with your tank in the first outfit idea!


Kimono Top (

A new trend, called the Kimono Jacket, showed in the picture to the left, is a light and easy way to layer with a short tank or bandeau underneath. Wear it with high-rise shorts and sandals and you will be in style and not overheated. Also wear them over a dress to create your own look of the season. And don’t forget to try them with low rise shorts too. Stretch your layering wardrobe by buying all of your tops in different patterns and colors to keep a variety of outfits that you can wear all summer long.