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Bootin’ up for Fall

It’s officially fall and I couldn’t be any more excited! I’m celebrating by wearing my long, tan sweater, plaid scarf, and matching maroon leggings with my favorite dressy, tan shoes. Are you still dressing for summer? I don’t blame you, it’s hard to let go of it! But this breeze; I will take any day of the year.

Wearing my tan shoes reminds me that I need to go boot shopping badly. It’s funny because I really had thought of knee high boots and they happen to be a big hit this season especially in milky white, along with a taupe colored, long fall dress. I might have to try this with a milky white scarf to pull it all together.

Knee high boots have been caught red handed in open weave patterns that reveal a little skin and give you some fresh air. But they’re also cool to wear over something to put a different color into them. That makes the variety of colors with these boots endless.

You want your outfit to shine, right? Well take a look at some shiny material boots, in many different multicolored patterns. The best ones to go with are Fendi, with fall colors in the patterns and platform heels to give you a little more height if you need it. Or maybe you just want something different, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve seen boots besides Fendi’s idea, in swirly and black and white patterns as well.

Another unique style is heeled boots in leather. They look amazing with any work skirt, jeans, or dress. You can wear them when you’re dressing casual and they can quickly dress you up as well. Leather ankle boots are amazing too, especially with a skirt or a pair of skinny jeans. Try them in patterns such as leopard and snake skin to spice things up a little bit. You might end up spicier than that spice pumpkin latte. (wink wink)

Something I’ve personally never tried is lace up boots, but I think they are absolutely beautiful. They can bring any sort of style you want, from grungy, scarey for Halloween, or even just for comfort. The best thing about a shoe, in my opinion, is definitely how comfortable it is. My mom has worn them for years and swears they are more comfortable than sneakers.

No matter what style boot youre searching for this season, you can find them in tall, medium, or short, if not in store, online has it all, even in pointy toes. I guess what I’m getting at is, hopefully this points you in the direction of a fun and interesting boot shopping session!

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No Rules, No Problems; The Fallout Of Summer

I must say, it’s so hard for me to accept that summer is ending! Summer is the best season in my eyes for fashion, the beach, and pool parties. Just being able to stay out in the sunlight until 9pm, allows me to create so many great memories with friends and family. While at those gatherings, I have of course noticed all the trendy outfits my people or ones I just met, are wearing and let me tell you, there have been some fun outfits, just like the trends I’ve talked about this past summer, such as bright colors, high wasted shorts, and rompers. I am so in love with summer-wear, that I find it hard to let it go for fall.The great thing is, I’ve found I really don’t have to let the summer fashion go just yet. I can slowly start adding sweaters and boots to my summer clothes. This helps to slowly transition from summer to fall.

With a romper, you can add a cardigan, dressy shoes, and a scarf to stay cool if the new weather changes bring a cold front. If you find you have to wear jeans on a chilly morning, wear a fun and colorful tank underneath a sweatshirt, because you just never know; that last bit of summer could pop out of nowhere mid-day and you don’t want to be stuck sweating. After all, it is New England, and the weather is very unpredictable.

If you want to rock the boot look, maybe hold off on coordinating them with ponchos or sweaters for a bit until those last humid days fade away. Therefore, balancing out the warm outfits with tanks underneath to prepare for that sudden last minute splash of summer, will surely make you the ultimate New Englander fashionista.

When you’re a fashionista you know you can make up your own styles and look good! Even after all the fun of balancing outfits during the season transition, the best thing about it all is you don’t have to follow the rules. If you want to wear white after Labor Day, go right ahead, who cares?! LIfe is too short to follow silly rules! And if you want to wear blue and black together, go for it. I really admire taking the trends and making them your own. So do your own thing, yet stay cool in the beginning of fall; think summertime has a hard time admitting its over, too!

Prints and Patterns and Sprints: Workout Clothes 2018

Over the past several years, more and more people are learning that staying physically fit is tremendously beneficial for their health; therefore the desire and need to workout has become more frequent. This creates an even bigger desire to look good as a result of working out and while working out. Your exercise wardrobe has got to be fire, to help you look as hot as you feel! Working out isn’t the most fun for some people, but if you look good doing it, you’ll feel even better. At least that’s what I hope for all you amazing ladies trying to work out and be healthy; along with myself.

When I work out I usually go for walks and jog a little on the way too. Some days I dread doing it, so when I look in the mirror and see something I like it definitely gives me more confidence and more will power to get out the door. Having great looking workout clothes really helps with that 10X more than I thought it would. The other day I had on bright pink workout pants and felt great about myself.

According to, the latest workout clothing for women is anything but ordinary; mix, match and layer with supportive sports bras, surf-inspired dresses and trendy tops. Wrap yourself in breathable warmth with women’s winter coats and jackets, plus other cold-weather gear.

I love that mixing and matching is the trend right now with workout gear, because you can basically put whatever you want on and quickly get moving. After all, the gym and the roads, or wherever you work out, aren’t fashion shows. But if you can make it one, then I say you’re on the right (workout) track.

Having material that helps with sweating is really important to me. If you try the moisture wicking materials, their technology helps you deal with sweat easily. The fabric has microfibers to lift sweat off your skin and onto itself, where it will quickly evaporate. Perfect for the humid summer, right? I hope you love wearing your colors and material that really help you stay cool, and looking cool, too!

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Wedding Planning is Nothing New

I’ve been thinking about my wedding today, which is nothing new, but I figured I would write a blog about it, since I have a certain style theme in mind. Rustic is its name. It’s defined as simple and country-related, which definitely describes me and (Jeremy) my fiancé’s, world. We are simple people who love living in the country and the little joys of life, such as a nice, spring day out on the deck or a Sunday morning movie.

While rustic might only mean one thing, there are many different color themes that people are going crazy for. Some examples are chocolate, mocha, and cream, gold and light blue, gray and sage, khaki and blush, and bronze, forest green, and black. I think my favorite is khaki and blush, only I would add a semi-dark brown in the mix. It would make a nice vintage mix and I feel like there would be so many different items to find in those colors that would look great, especially the bridesmaid dresses.

More recently, there has been a pretty popular concept of different color bridesmaid dresses within the same color scheme. As long as the material is the same, this really flows and looks super cute, especially in rustic style weddings. I’m going to have my girls do this. The best thing about different color dresses is that every one of them is unique, so they will be able to pick the color from my theme that bests suites themselves.

I would like to wear a dress with a lot of lace incorporated into it. I love the vintage look of lace and the way it blends in with the fall so perfectly, which is when our wedding will be. As far as strapless, sleeves, or straps, I cannot decide right now, but definitely will once I try on dresses. I am really hands on and visual so I have to see and feel the dress on me, pictures won’t decide! But of course this goes for every bride, unless you have your dressed shipped to you from online, which is great too. You can always get things fitted. I’ve earned you have to leave at least 6 months open for fittings to allow the seamstress time to make your dress fit the way you want.

The location is a farm and I could not be more excited about that! The dresses will go nicely with the environment. I think I will have the girls pick out lacey, off-white flats, which flow with my style theme, yet are comfortable for them. I will be wearing the same type of shoes because for me it’s all about comfort and style mixed together. The guys will be wearing something similar to khaki pants, with cowboy boots or boat shoes, with a vest and button up and tie.

Well, the color theme is yet to be decided but I guess that’s it for my wedding talk today. I will be sure to share what we all wear on our special day. Hip, hip hooray!

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Spring Color Report 2018

When it comes to the color scheme of things, spring 2018 brings the realm of self-expression through a multifaceted color wheel. It’s full of unique and fun colors to paint your wardrobe just the way you’d like. Many have proven there are no longer any limits in the fashion world to hold them down to traditional colors; with no gender or seasonal issues at hand. This makes for boundless opportunity. You’ll see what I mean while reading about these brilliant colors.

We all know yellow is a primary color of spring, so why not try it in a brightened shade? Meadowlark is the way to go. It is a confident and outgoing bright yellow shade that highlights the spring with joy and illumination.

Blooming Dahlia, a somewhat peachy color comes into play with its understated appeal as it is subtly alluring & if it smelt like anything, would be a suggestive scent. Going to the brighter side of the peachy Dahlia, Pink Lavenderis, is like a soft and romantic violet rose that charms with its soothing sense of tranquility.

Cherry Tomato, the total opposite of tranquility, is impulsive as a tempestuous orangey red that exudes heat and energy. Demanding attention, this courageous, never to be ignored, shade is viscerally alive. This sounds much like the Spring Crocus, witty and expressive; a flamboyant and tantalizing fuchsia shade that summons you in with its beguiling charm.

And sharp and pungent, Lime Punch hits a chord with its strident and striking citrus like presence in the spring 2018 color palette.

A few of the neutrals such as Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist, Warm Sand, and Coconut Milk, balance out and solidify the mostly bright 2018 palette. They connect the season to the earth and the rest of the seasons. I hope you find yourself connected to these colors in your own way, as they are all fun and relaxing at once, which we can all be at times too. I must say, relating to the seasons colors really submerges you into them completely.





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Let’s talk Spring Scarves

There’s nothing like a light scarf to compliment a beautiful spring outfit because of their variety of colors and patterns.

Country floral is my favorite spring scarf pattern and goes so nicely with a white tee-shirt, if you like country chic style like me. Speaking of white, there’s nothing wrong with a plain white scarf to create a crisp and clean look. To add more variety however, polka dots, floral, and any other abstract can add the perfect amount of flair. Besides the thousands of patterns, they also have tassels and fringe hanging off the end too!

The Jersey scarf, with heavier material, is a good choice for the unexpected chilly days. My second favorite, the oversized scarf, great for draping over the shoulders, is sure to keep you warm and gives a dressier look for colder nights.

I have a ton of light spring scarfs from years ago and they still keep up with what I’m looking for in dressing up my outfits, especially for work. They help me feel good by being that extra accessory that makes you look well put together. These spring scarves really do make a world of a difference by adding, what I would call, fun sophistication. They bring compliments on your outfits from many and that gives an amazing confidence boost. Its amazing what one piece can do to a whole outfit. Give the scarves a shot this season; you only miss the shots you don’t take. 😉


Spring: We’ve only just Begun

I couldn’t be more excited to say spring is finally here. I’m even more excited to get into the fun and fabulous style for this season! It seems as though sequins is carrying itself from the winter to stay with us for a while, which is so wonderful as it’s so versatile and good looking, especially for going out on the town.

As far as patterns, checkers are coming towards us with their own unique dresses, light jackets and tops, which give a great feminine appeal. This may surprise you but plastic is making an appearance for dresses and skirts. They’re most likely waterproof which can be a good thing if you get hit with some April showers. Another unique material is sheer for skirts, and even cycling shorts. It’s great to dress up with and looks very elegant.

As far as colors, perfect for Easter pastels are here to stay. They’re my favorite set of colors and bring me back to my childhood with Easter candy and going to church in pastel dresses. Bold colors are brightening up the runways as well with bold shoes and accessories to accentuate. These are awesome colors because their beauty can make you the most noticeable woman in the room. There’s definitely nothing wrong being bold and standing out! So stand out far in that sunshine and enjoy it as much as you can in your beautiful spring colors and styles. This is just a preview of my excitement for the incoming spring trends, so watch out for more to come your way soon!















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Feeling Good is Everything

If you’re a woman who is inspired by or simply enjoys reading my blogs, I want to thank you. These blogs are for you and your confidence that no matter what you wear, you look great! If you feel like you’re not able to even think about wearing or buying the trends I talk about, no need to fret. I write this not only to help show what’s out there for trendy options, but for entertainment itself. Writing is my favorite and so is fashion, and if I can make someone laugh or feel happy after reading something I wrote, well that just makes my day.

Something else that makes my day is knowing when someone thinks my outfit, latest trend or not, looks good on me. I’m sure the same goes for you! Yesterday morning I just threw together my old boots, some black leggings, black skirt, scarf, cover up and a tank top underneath. This took little effort, and I wasn’t sure how up to date the look was, but it did look well put together.

Later in the day a patient at work, out of blue, told me she absolutely loved the way I dressed and how my outfit was put together. I was completely flattered, thanked her and went on to tell her I just sort of threw it together quickly. It was as though she didn’t believe it. She told me she wished she could just create beautiful and quick outfits like that for work too. I told her you just have to find some of your favorite things in your closet and pair them together.  After our conversation, I felt amazing and confident from her effort to compliment how I dressed.


That whole conversation inspired me to write this blog for you to let you know, sometimes just shopping in your closet for whatever you want to wear, despite the latest trends, is the best thing you can do. Get all your favorite accessories, clothes, and shoes out and see what you can mix and match. That’s exactly what I do and not only is it fun, it’s so satisfying to look in the mirror after putting them on.

All in all, I investigate the latest trends all the time and write about how amazing they are, but sometimes I don’t have the time to go out and get them for myself. If that sounds like you too, make your own fun like I do, shop in your closet! I bet you’ll discover all the marvelous clothing and accessories that you own. Happy closet shopping and remember, you look and ARE amazing. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to find out the next latest and greatest with you. Until next time!



Marvelous Scarves

winter-2015-scarves-fashion-trends-1The best thing about scarves is how versatile they are; and not to mention that you can wear them all year round. In winter, the heavier, the better to keep warm with of course. The first one I want to talk about is the exciting puffer scarf. It’s nice for throwing around your neck and insulating all the heat from your jacket and itself to keep you warm for a long time on the coldest days of the year.

Blanket scarves are my absolute favorite in a cotton or fleece material. They’re so very warm and big enough to wear and tie however you want. I believe the best part to these is getting to wear them like a shawl or poncho to compliment an outfit. Giant scarves in general are just wonderful, they’re fluffy and practically wear you, instead of the other way around, especially in wool or thick cotton. Don’t forget to match your scarves with gloves and hat!

Another extremely warm and firey scarf trend is the fur scarf. I personally would only wear faux fur, but you do whatever makes you happy! Happiness is feeling warm inside and the outside in the winter, for sure, so why not try a furry feeling scarf? They traditionally are made with black and brown furs, but this year they’re coming out with any color, which are great to brighten up a cold and snowy day. But no matter what scarf trend you choose you can always count on feeling comfy and being trendy.

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Now although its cold, doesn’t mean that the trends are! The hottest trend so far is tying scarves in a bow. For work its great with a silk or chiffon material to go with your attire or to keep warm if they don’t put the heat on hot enough. Some wool and heavier ones come tied like a bow already for a forever tied look that you can pull out again next year.

Trends for Winter 2018

Today I am exploring some of the up and coming trends for winter 2017. One trend that really surprised me was the 80’s comeback and how luxurious it looks with the fancy fabrics to put a new touch on the neon colors and puffy shoulders. Can you picture that? It seems as though 80’s fashion will never be there same; in a good way of course.

Patent leather is here too, with a bang. From the shoes to the pants to the jacket, get used to seeing your lady pals with shiny, beautiful material that stands out fast. Another unique material that made it out this year is velvet. It’s everywhere, even purses have it.

It turns out the puffer jacket is finally cool. Instead of just the usual down feathers and winter savvy details, you will find it with less gadgets in metallic materials to give a more versatile wear. Perhaps a night out on the town or a football game with friends, the puffer will have you covered and looking good. But if you’re looking for something a bit more neutral, the over sized navy (military) coat is probably your number one choice. No matter what you choose, you’re guaranteed to be warm and cozy this season.


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