Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Wedding Planning is Nothing New

I’ve been thinking about my wedding today, which is nothing new, but I figured I would write a blog about it, since I have a certain style theme in mind. Rustic is its name. It’s defined as simple and country-related, which definitely describes me and (Jeremy) my fiancé’s, world. We are simple people who love living in the country and the little joys of life, such as a nice, spring day out on the deck or a Sunday morning movie.

While rustic might only mean one thing, there are many different color themes that people are going crazy for. Some examples are chocolate, mocha, and cream, gold and light blue, gray and sage, khaki and blush, and bronze, forest green, and black. I think my favorite is khaki and blush, only I would add a semi-dark brown in the mix. It would make a nice vintage mix and I feel like there would be so many different items to find in those colors that would look great, especially the bridesmaid dresses.

More recently, there has been a pretty popular concept of different color bridesmaid dresses within the same color scheme. As long as the material is the same, this really flows and looks super cute, especially in rustic style weddings. I’m going to have my girls do this. The best thing about different color dresses is that every one of them is unique, so they will be able to pick the color from my theme that bests suites themselves.

I would like to wear a dress with a lot of lace incorporated into it. I love the vintage look of lace and the way it blends in with the fall so perfectly, which is when our wedding will be. As far as strapless, sleeves, or straps, I cannot decide right now, but definitely will once I try on dresses. I am really hands on and visual so I have to see and feel the dress on me, pictures won’t decide! But of course this goes for every bride, unless you have your dressed shipped to you from online, which is great too. You can always get things fitted. I’ve earned you have to leave at least 6 months open for fittings to allow the seamstress time to make your dress fit the way you want.

The location is a farm and I could not be more excited about that! The dresses will go nicely with the environment. I think I will have the girls pick out lacey, off-white flats, which flow with my style theme, yet are comfortable for them. I will be wearing the same type of shoes because for me it’s all about comfort and style mixed together. The guys will be wearing something similar to khaki pants, with cowboy boots or boat shoes, with a vest and button up and tie.

Well, the color theme is yet to be decided but I guess that’s it for my wedding talk today. I will be sure to share what we all wear on our special day. Hip, hip hooray!

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1st: Hopefully close to our look–

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