Prints and Patterns and Sprints: Workout Clothes 2018

Over the past several years, more and more people are learning that staying physically fit is tremendously beneficial for their health; therefore the desire and need to workout has become more frequent. This creates an even bigger desire to look good as a result of working out and while working out. Your exercise wardrobe has got to be fire, to help you look as hot as you feel! Working out isn’t the most fun for some people, but if you look good doing it, you’ll feel even better. At least that’s what I hope for all you amazing ladies trying to work out and be healthy; along with myself.

When I work out I usually go for walks and jog a little on the way too. Some days I dread doing it, so when I look in the mirror and see something I like it definitely gives me more confidence and more will power to get out the door. Having great looking workout clothes really helps with that 10X more than I thought it would. The other day I had on bright pink workout pants and felt great about myself.

According to, the latest workout clothing for women is anything but ordinary; mix, match and layer with supportive sports bras, surf-inspired dresses and trendy tops. Wrap yourself in breathable warmth with women’s winter coats and jackets, plus other cold-weather gear.

I love that mixing and matching is the trend right now with workout gear, because you can basically put whatever you want on and quickly get moving. After all, the gym and the roads, or wherever you work out, aren’t fashion shows. But if you can make it one, then I say you’re on the right (workout) track.

Having material that helps with sweating is really important to me. If you try the moisture wicking materials, their technology helps you deal with sweat easily. The fabric has microfibers to lift sweat off your skin and onto itself, where it will quickly evaporate. Perfect for the humid summer, right? I hope you love wearing your colors and material that really help you stay cool, and looking cool, too!

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