New Year, New Trends

So far, 2019 has a lot of interesting fashion trends coming our way. The first I’d like to mention is the 1980’s all-time fabulous shoulder pad. Yes, I said it; shoulder pads are IN, under your shirts and ready to pop those shoulders right up. If you want to be really fancy like the ladies wearing these shoulder-padded shirts, try some faux fur jackets on for size. They keep you warm all over, without harming any innocent animals.

Speaking of animals, animal print is still going strong. Floral is revamped with brighter, sassier patterns on just about anything from your head to your toes, especially in scarves. Scarves are beautiful and creative in banana patterns as they look like you took a giant banana and made it a fashion statement around your neck! Another pattern to try is checkered, for your jackets and tops.

Jackets are padded all over this season; not just in your shoulders. The best part about that is they are just about as warming as the faux fur. To keep warm and keep up with the last fashion, layering and even just the illusion that you’re layering is the way to go. Especially for work, you can dress up in layers every day. Contemporary parkas are here to stay and you can layer under them with no problem. Wearing layers and keep your parka open with your favorite patterned scarf is the perfect strut into the New Year.