Come Back, Winter Trends!

Just like the old saying goes, “what goes around, come back around,” and this is exactly what fashion does; it disappears then finds its way back to the spotlight years later. Whether you like it or not, here come the 90’s again, starting this winter. The clothes won’t be exactly like you see in vintage 90’s pictures however, as recently they mold in with today’s fashion. The first trend to mention is the mini skirt and jacket suit brought to life by the movie Clueless. If you want heels or boots with this look, don’t fret, either one will be fine. I know I’m going to try it with boots, so I don’t fall in the ice. I’ll also be wearing a longer skirt for work, that way I can really work this outfit and be comfortable, yet professional.

A helpful hint; for boots, buy weatherproof for the snow and slush. Shoe stores and online shopping may lead you to weatherproof and/or waterproof black boots. If you can’t find any, buy some spray that waterproofs any material. It’s easy and inexpensive because it will save your boots if you spend a lot on them and the spray itself won’t break the bank. Something else less professional but comfy, is the logo trend. Logo sweatpants and logo sweatshirts worn together is back in action and perfect during the weekend while working out or lounging around.

Combat boots, more like comeback boots, are great with any outfit you want to piece together. Even with floral dresses with a touch of goth, that were floating around back then. Don’t forget the most popular shoe trend, platform shoes. I remember wearing those in elementary school with my bell bottom jeans. My favorite nowadays, the shoulder less and crop tops, although it seems they never really went away, are back too. You might be thinking it’s too cold to wear them but when you have to go outside, a flannel or jean shirt can keep you warm. They were alive in the 90’s and continue to flourish this winter.

Why not go all out and accessorize these looks? The choker necklace especially the tattoo-style version that Drew Barrymore wore in 1994 is here. Accessorize with a leather jacket that adds edge to any outfit and is great to wear in three out of four seasons. Last but definitely not least, animal print. It has always been one of the toughest to pull off, so if you can, all the power to you. And there’s nothing wrong with that, girl-power came from the 90’s too. (wink wink)

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