Purses Galore

Bag trends are important to keep up with because you take your bag everywhere with you and need it to carry your essential items. At least I know I always need mine. If you’re with me on that, keep on reading to know what to look for in store this season. There’s something out there for everyone whether you like big bags and have a lot of stuff to take with you or need something small and simple for a girl’s night out.

Clutches are perfect for going out, but don’t always have to serve that purpose. Try this trend on for size, literally. Oversized clutches can carry you through the day. Just make sure you carry it more than it carries you, its size might be intimidating. But no need to fear, the big clutches are amazing and beautiful! They come in leather, suede, and hold just about anything but your umbrella and paperwork.

A style that’s definitely different, chain handle bags, add a bit of glimmer and shine to your everyday look. The metal chains dress you up a bit more as they’re usually a leather or faux snake skin material. Something quite the opposite, easy hobo bags are an easy going, usually linen or cotton, roomy bag to stick everything in for those ladies on the go. Or maybe you’re just super laid back with your outfits and attitude, these bags will complete your vibe.

Fringe bags also have an easygoing aura about them as they come with longer handles and have one opening. No complicated pockets will mess with this bag and its beautiful suede outer being. An adorable trend, my favorite, is the mini bag. They prevent you from dealing with digging into your purse to find things and don’t weigh down your shoulders during the day or night. Just pack your keys, phone, cards, and cash. Isn’t that all you really need anyways besides a new bag after reading this? Enjoy these styles ladies, I think the runway scene made some great bag impressions this time around.